In Re: Sri Justice C.S. Karnan [2017 SC]

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Date of order: 9th May 2017            Bench strength: 7


On merits, we are of the considered view that Sri Justice C.S. Karnan has committed contempt of the judiciary.

His actions constitute contempt of this Court and of the judiciary of the gravest nature. Having found him guilty of committing contempt, we convict him accordingly. We are satisfied to punish him by sentencing him to imprisonment for six months. As a consequence, the contemnor shall not perform any administrative or judicial functions.

The sentence of six months imposed by this Court on Sri Justice C.S. Karnan shall be executed forthwith by the Director General of Police West Bengal.

Since the incident of contempt includes public statements and publication of orders made by the contemnor, which were highlighted by the electronic and print media, we are of the view that no further statements made by him should be published hereafter.

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