About Us

Delhi Law Academy provides India’s Best Online Law Coaching


It is an acknowledged fact that the quality of legal education in our country is not upto the mark. This is so mainly because the best legal brains do not serve the education sector.

Delhi Law Academy is an exception. The quality and dedication of our Faculty and the quality of our study material bears testimony to this statement.

We begun our classes in September 2011 at Satya Niketan New Delhi. Over the next 5 years, we grew from strength to strength, eventually filling our batches within hours of opening admissions and having to turn away many deserving and talented students. Our students obtained stellar results in all the exams we coached for – DU LLB, CLAT, AILET and State Judiciary exams.

However, we always felt that there was something missing, something that could be improved or made better. We knew that our location in a congested and polluted classroom with poor access and parking was not the right way to give education. Our students never protested, and adjusted with all the vagaries of Delhi weather and traffic. But we were keenly aware of the amount of time it took them to commute and the sacrifices they and their families had to endure to ensure their attendance in our classes.

Considering these factors, in 2016 we took the bold and courageous leap of shutting down our classroom premises in Satya Niketan and moving the entire academy online. At the time, it was a complete hypothesis as to whether our students would follow us into the digital world.

We are happy to say that the hypothesis has since been validated, and validated strongly. We now serve several times more students each year than we were ever able to in our classroom premises. Our student batches have been performing just as strongly. We regularly have students in the top 100 ranks of each exam we coach for.

We have steadily upgraded our infrastructure and digital platform to keep with the trends. We are now mobile friendly, streaming-optimized, work smoothly on 2G, 3G and broadband connections. Our reach is truly nationwide – our students reside in J&K, Kerala, Assam, Gujarat and every place in between.

The one thing we have held constant has been our relentless focus to produce and deliver the absolute best-quality content, no compromises. Our students get access to phenomenal video lectures, constantly updated courses, incisive mock tests, detailed analyses and intuitive live doubt support.

Supporting our students and helping them achieve their dreams is what makes us tick. It’s what keeps us going every day. It is our passion to see you succeed, and everything we do – our courses, our study material, our doubt sessions – is simply a result of that passion.

If you’re a student preparing for a Law entrance exam in India, join us! Find out just how good Law coaching can be!