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Prof Madan Delhi Law Academy

Prof A Madaan

Madaan Sir, as he is respectfully called by his students, is a passionate Law teacher.

Interestingly, as a student of Law in Faculty of Law Delhi University he used to be invited by his teachers to take his own class. As a matter of fact, his own classmates were his first students.

He is a great teacher because
i) he possesses a deep and thorough knowledge of law
ii) he has a god-gifted ability to deliver this knowledge to his students

This twin quality of possessing the required knowledge and having the ability to express it [orally as well as in writing] is reflected in these twin facts:
i) he was Delhi University Law Centre Topper and Gold medalist in his LLB degree program
ii) he was Indian Law Institute (ILI) New Delhi Topper in his LLM entrance exam

His simple yet lucid explanations for even the most complicated legal principles and his famed classroom Notes became the stuff of legend. By his third year in DU, Madaan Sir was already mentoring several 1st year and 2nd year students. It was here that the seeds of Delhi Law Academy germinated.

At Delhi Law Academy, Madaan Sir is solely responsible for all content dealing with Law. He teaches the Judicial Services course himself, and this continues to be our guiding principle at DLA – we do not hire faculty irresponsibly chasing growth, instead we choose to focus on conscious, mindful pursuit of education and knowledge. Sir has also created the video content and takes Live Doubt Sessions for LLB Entrance aspirants.

Vivek Subramanian Delhi Law Academy

Vivek Subramanian

Vivek Sir is a graduate of IIT Bombay and IIM Ahmedabad. He wears twin hats at Delhi Law Academy. He handles all the content and teaching of Logical Reasoning and Mathematics. In addition, he is also the Chief Technology Officer at Delhi Law Academy.

After graduating from IITB and IIMA, he worked in Investment Banking with Morgan Stanley, in the M&A Team. After this, he switched geographies and career lines, and moved to Consulting in New York City. He worked with clients across the globe, before deciding to come back to India and focus on teaching. His passion has always been education, and he firmly believes in the power of knowledge to change lives and destinies.

His main motivation with running Delhi Law Academy has always been to impart the highest quality education as widely as possible to as many students as possible. With India’s rising broadband penetration and mobile awareness, he felt the time was right to launch online video classes. He used his formidable technology background from IIT Bombay to completely set up and run DLA’s web properties and video streaming backend.

Vivek Sir loves to interact directly with students. Even though Delhi Law Academy is much larger now and serves many times more students than when it was founded, Vivek Sir still makes it a point to conduct several Live Doubt Sessions, thus staying connected with students.

In addition to all this, Vivek Sir is a keen basketball, badminton and squash player. He also enjoys esoteric board games and is a beginner coffee afficionado. He dabbles in PHP, Python and Ruby on Rails, and is learning to play the guitar in his spare time.

Sharmishtha Khichar Delhi Law Academy

Sharmishtha Khichar

Sharmishtha Ma’am is a graduate of IIM Ahmedabad. Before joining Delhi Law Academy, she worked in investment banking with UBS AG.

She has worked across the globe, in Hong Kong, London and New York City. However, her deepest interest always lay in the education sector, which is why she decided to quit her job and relocate to India. Like Vivek Sir, she too believes that high-quality education has generation-altering potential.

At Delhi Law Academy, she owns all the General Awareness and English content, in addition to being the Chief Operating Officer. Now this might seem to be enough workload for normal people, but Sharmishtha Ma’am has always believed in pushing herself. So in addition to this, she is an accomplished painter, National Level tennis player, swimmer and chess player. She enjoys learning about new cultures, and usually travels to 3 or 4 destinations each year.