How to prepare for CLAT 2022 at home?

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The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is a competitive exam. This means that you have to rank among the top performers to secure a seat at one of the 18 National Law Universities in India. As per the new changes to the CLAT pattern, your reading and comprehension skills will be tested more than your memory skills. Also, your aptitude to learn law will be assessed.

This means that you should have a strong strategy to cover the whole syllabus. The paper will cover five topics with some changes as compared to the previous years: English Language – basic comprehension and understanding of the language Quantitative Techniques – interpretation of problems and using Class 10 mathematics skills to solve them
Legal Reasoning – reading and understanding a legal situation and arriving at a logical conclusion
Logical Reasoning – non-legal situations that need a logical approach to solve them
Current Affairs – more focus on the current affairs as opposed to static GK

Begin your preparation by taking some mock tests to assess your preparedness for the exam. Analyze your performance and identify areas that need improvement. Also, look at your strong points. You will need to create a study plan that helps you improve your overall score by working on them simultaneously.

Start preparing according to your plan and take mock tests regularly to assess your progress. We have linked some free study plans for you here.

Focus on the following skills:

  • Develop good reading speed since most of the questions are going to be comprehension-based.
  • You must be able to read fast while understanding the paragraph quickly
  • Solve multiple reasoning problems and develop skills that help you arrive at a logical conclusion
  • Most questions in the legal and logical reasoning sections will require this skill
  • Brush up on Class 10 mathematics.
  • Stay updated with all the latest happenings in various fields – sports, politics, medicine, science, technology, etc
  • You should also consider joining an online coaching institute for guidance if you are unable to see growth in your mocks

Since the test pattern has been changed, you will need some expert guidance to help prepare for the CLAT. Delhi Law Academy, an online coaching institute that I help run, offers an Online CLAT Course to help students prepare for the test. With over 800 pages of comprehensive notes, 350 hours of video lectures, mock tests based on the CLAT pattern, live doubt-solving sessions, practice questions, etc.

Delhi Law Academy ensures that you are well-prepared for the new CLAT pattern and can secure a seat with your desired institute. Remember, the key to success in any competitive exam lies in outperforming your peers. Since there is no way to determine whether other students will fare, your best approach is to target the highest possible marks. Prepare in a manner that you can solve questions quickly and correctly.

To find more details about the latest changes in the CLAT pattern, click the link here.

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