Uttar Pradesh Judicial 2012 Law-II Question Paper

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Uttar Pradesh Judicial 2012 Law-II Question Paper


Q1. The earliest city discovered in India was-
Q2. Who was the learned lady who is said to have debated with famous law-giver Yagyavalkya?
Q3. The words “Satyamev Jayte” in the State Emblem of India was adopted from which Upnishad?
Q4. Name the famous Indian Astronomer and Mathematician who explained the cause of solar and lunar eclipse and declared that earth rotate round its axis?
Q5. Magesthenes was envoy of which king?
Q6. Which Sufi Saint’s Dargah is at Ajmer?
Q7. Which State has the largest coastline in India?
Q8. Which country has longest international boundary with India?
Q9. Which State in India has smallest land area?
Q10. Kaziranga National Park is famous for which animal?
Q11. Who was the President of the Constituent Assembly of the independent India?
Q12. Who made the declaration that “democracy is a Government of people, by the people and for the people”?
Q13. How many languages have been recognised by the Constitution of India?
Q14. The final authority in India, who adopts a five years’ plain in the country, vests in which body?
Q15. Indian Pulse Research Institute is located in which city in the State of Uttar Pradesh?
Q16. On which date universal declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations?
Q17. The International Criminal Polcice Organisation (Interpol) has its headquarter in which country?
Q18. In which part of human brain, centre of intelligence is said to exist?
Q19. Blood bank of human body is situate in which organ of the body?
Q20. What are the number of pair of ribs found in a man?
Q21. What is the total number of bones which are found in a man?
Q22. What is the time taken to complete one heart beat?
Q23. Who was the first Rajya Sabha Chairman?
Q24. Who was the first Chief Information Commissioner of Central Information Commission after coming into force of the Right to Information Act, 2005?
Q25. Name the writer of famous book “Brief History of Time”?
Q26. Who was the first woman Governor of an Indian State?
Q27. Who is the author of the book “Before Memory Fades”?
Q28. How many days, is the life of red blood cells, in the body?
Q29. What is measured by hygrometer?
Q30. Who was the President of India at the time of proclamation of emergency in the year 1975?
Q31. Who was the first Asian to win Nobel Prize?
Q32. Who was the immediate successor of Guru Nanak?
Q33. Name the Chief justice of India who died abroad, while in office.
Q34. Humayun the Mughal emperor received the Kohinoor Diamond from which ruler?
Q35. Who is known as the Father of Indian Cinema?
Q36. Where is the headquarter of World Health Orgaisation (WHO) located?
Q37. Who was the first Indian woman to become a Judge of the Supreme Court?
Q38. Who is known as the “jal-Purush’ of India?
Q39. Which foreign country is closest to Andman Islands?
Q40. Who is ex-officio patron of NALSA (National Legal Services Authority)?
Q41. On which date is the Legal Services day celebrated?
Q42. Who has been recently made the Prime Ministery of Pakistan?
Q43. Yingluck Shinawatra was the chief guest at the Republic Day Parade of India in this year. She is the first woman PM of which country?
Q44. Who was the founder of the Red Cross?
Q45. Name the place where manufacturing unit of an Automoble Company was closed due to workers’ unrest.
Q46. For which event “Pokharan” is famous?
Q47. Name the High Court which recently celebrated 150th years of its establishment.
Q48. Which Judge of the Supreme Court of India has been recently elected to the International Court of Justice?
Q49. Name the Astronaut of Indian origin who has recently undertaken space mission.
Q50. Who is at present the Chairman of the Planning Commission of India?

Part B

(Write on following in about 50 words each)

Q51. The diminishing population of vultures.
Q52. Differences between Compact Disc (CD), Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) and Blue Ray Disc.
Q53. Intellectual Property Rights.
Q54. Privilege Motion?
Q55. Vote of Account?
Q56. Value Added Tax?
Q57. Sahitya Academy Award.
Q58. Achievements by Indian Players in London OLYMPIC
Q59. The first-aid that you can safely administer to a person standing next to you at the bus stop who suddenly faints.
Q60. V. Tejaswini Bai
Q61. World Food Programme (WFP) of the United Nations (UN).
Q62. Mediation & Conciliation, as alternate dispute resolution mechanism.
Q63. Controller & Auditor General of India.
Q64. Dedicated Freight Corridor.
Q65. Bhuvan Website.
Q66. Domestic Violence Act 2005.
Q67. DNA Test.
Q68. 2G Spectrum.
Q69. W.T.O. (World Trade Organisation)
Q70. Child Labour.

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