Punjab Judicial Mains 2013 English Question Paper

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Punjab Judicial Mains 2013 English Question Paper

Time: 3 Hours Total Marks: 200

i. Candidates are required to attempt all questions in the same seriatim as they appear.
ii. Marks are indicated against each question.
iii. No extra answer sheet will be provided.

Write an essay on any one of the following subjects in 1000-1100 words:-
i. Science divorced from spirituality is the ruin of mankind
ii. Better to fail with honour than succeed by fraud
iii. If you open a school, you close a prison
iv. Man is the architect of his own fate
v. Speed is the curse of modern world (100 Marks)

Q.2 Make a précis of the following passage in about one third of the original giving an apt title:
Learning is the knowledge of that which is not generally known to others, and which we can only derive at second-hand from books or other artificial sources. The knowledge of that which is before us, or about us, which appeals to our experience, passions and pursuits, to the bosoms and businesses of men, is not learning. Learning is the knowledge of that which none but the learned know. He is the most learned man who knows that most of what is farthest from common life and actual observation, that is of the least practical utility, and least liable to be brought to the test of experience, and that, having been handed down through the greatest number of intermediate stages, is the most full of uncertainty, difficulties and contradictions. It is seen with the eyes of the others, hearing with their ears, and pinning our faith on their understanding. The learned man prides himself in the knowledge of names and dates, not of men or things. He thinks and cares nothing about his next-door neighbours but he is deeply read in the tribes and castes of the Hindoos and Calmuc Tartars. He can hardly find his way into the next street, though he is acquainted with the exact dimensions of Constantinople and Pekin. He does not know whether his oldest acquaintance is a knave or a fool but he can pronounce a pompous lecture on all the principal characters in history. He cannot tell whether an object is black or white, round or square, and yet he is a professed master of the laws of optics and the rules of perspective. He knows as much of what he talks about as a blind man does of colours. He cannot give a satisfactory answer to the plainest question, nor is he ever in the right in any one of his opinion upon any one matter of fact that really comes before him, and yet he gives himself out for an infallible judge on all these points, of which it is impossible that he or any other person living should know anything but by conjecture. He is expert in all the dead and in most of the living languages; but he can neither speak his own fluently, nor write it correctly. (20 Marks)

Q.3 Make sentences of the following pairs of words distinguishing their meaning or usage(20 Marks)
a) (i) Abstain
(ii) Refrain

b) (i) Affect
(ii) Effect

 c) (i) Censor
(ii) Censure

d) (i) Emigrant
(ii) Immigrant

e) (i) Knotty
(ii) Naughty

 f) (i) Allusion
(ii) IIIusion

g) (i) Device
(ii) Devise

h) (i) Eminent
(ii) Imminent

 i) (i) Mental
(ii) Mantle

j) (i) Persecute
(ii) Prosecute

Q.4 Give the meaning and make sentences of the following idioms and phrases (20 Marks)
(i) At daggers draw
(ii) By fits and starts
(iii) To keep the pot boiling
(iv) A red rag to a bull
(v) Spick and span
(vi) Snake in the grass
(vii) To turn the corner
(viii) Apple of discord
(ix) Heads I win, tails you lose
(x) Going through fire and water

Q.5 Correct the following sentences. (20 Marks)
i. The ship was drown and all the passengers were sunk.
ii. Bread and milk are his only food.
iii. The father parted with his son with a heavy heart.
iv. You are not so selfish as him.
v. What to speak of English he does not know Punjabi even.
vi. I have a mind to go there.
vii. Burn the lamp now.
viii. Is it a fact that it is a long paper?
ix. He wore his cap and went out.
x. A number of houses has collapsed but no loss of life or property have been reported.

Q.6 Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below:-
Games, though essential should not become the be-all and end-all of student life. Generally the sportsmen waste too much time on them, and fail in their examination. One must never devote more than an hour to sports, and after that, should not even think about them. Again, if a player plays a game rashly, there is every danger of his breaking a limb. If it is played without the spirit of sportsmanship, it can lead to bad blood and quarrels. In some of the colleges there is a tradition that if the visiting team is winning a match, the home team plays foul, picks a quarrel, and tries to injure the visitors. But in spite of all these minor defects sports are very useful in keeping the students busy and in developing their personalities. India expects its citizens to have the qualities of true sportsmen. If we all acquire these qualities, there will be no narrow-mindedness, no corruption and injustice. There will be independence in the real sense of the word.
(i) What harm do games do to some students?
(ii) Why do players break their limbs sometimes?
(iii) How do sports develop the personality of students?
(iv) What would happen, if we all acquire the qualities of a true sportsman?
(v) Suggest a suitable title for the passage. (20 Marks)

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