Punjab Judicial ADJ 2012 English Question Paper

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Punjab Judicial ADJ 2012 English Question Paper

Q. 1 Write an essay on the following topic
Joint Family System Versus Nuclear Family System (30 Marks)

Q. 2 Read the following passage carefully, suggest a suitable title for it and write précis in about 1/3 of its present length.
Man is an intelligent being and curiosity is one of the most valuable attributes of human intelligence. It signifies a constant striving to penetrate the area of darkness that surrounds us. A child feels afraid of venturing into dark because we are by nature afraid of the unknown. In the beginning when man had little understanding of the phenomena of nature, he felt afraid of lightning, thunder, fire and floods etc. But by this natural curiosity or desire of learning he was able to unravel their secrets and even harness these phenomena to serve him. Archimedes was curious to know why a body immersed in a liquid, weighs
less than it does in the air. He found the solution to the riddle while lying immersed in his bath tub. The joy of discovery was so great that he ran out naked crying “Eureka”. Curiosity leads to happiness born out of knowledge as it always does. It is curiosity that has enabled man to accumulate knowledge and make the world a better place to live in. We feel happy when we see new vistas in nature or we come upon a new and lovable aspect of the nature of a person for whom we have great regard. Happiness lies in discovery which is the child of curiosity.
(Total Words 216) (20 Marks)

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