Complete Study Material for Uttar Pradesh Judicial Service Exams

Delhi Law Academy Judicial Services Study Material
Delhi Law Academy now offers its famous Study Material and Notes for Uttar Pradesh Judicial Service.
Each page of these Notes has been prepared by Madan Sir himself.
DLA’s Notes are far better than any other study material or textbooks available in the market.

Features of DLA’s Comprehensive Study Material


  • Concise and selective notes on all Law subjects
  • Summarized versions of important Supreme Court and Privy Council judgments
  • Additional material on English, GK and Current Affairs

Expertly Crafted

  • Each page of these Notes has been created by Prof. Madan himself
  • Presentation in a fresh and unique style


  • The material has been condensed to save students their precious preparation time
  • Can be accessed 24×7 online or delivered to your doorstep in printed form


1.  Indian Penal Code – I
2.  Indian Penal Code – II
3.  Indian Penal Code – III
4.  Constitution of India – I
5.  Constitution of India – II
6.  Constitution of India – III
7.  Criminal Procedure Code – I
8.  Criminal Procedure Code – II
9.  Criminal Procedure Code – III
10. Civil Procedure Code – I
11. Civil Procedure Code – II
12. Indian Evidence Act – I
13. Indian Evidence Act – II
14.  Indian Contract Act
15.  Limitation Act
16. Specific Relief Act

17.  Indian Partnership Act
18. Hindu Marriage Act
19. Hindu Succession Act
20.  English
21.  General Knowledge
22. Current Affairs [Online] 18. Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005
19. Negotiable Instruments Act [as amended in 2015] 20. Juvenile Justice [Care and Protection of Children] Act 2015
21. Probation of Offenders Act 1958
22. Transfer of Property Act 1882
23.  UP Zamindari Abolition and Land Reforms Act 1950
24.  UP Consolidation of Holdings Act 1953
25.  Past Papers Uttar Pradesh Judicial Service Prelims [Random][Online]

Difference between Basic and Advanced Packs

The study material is available in two packs: Basic and Advanced. Both packs cover all the subjects listed above. However, the Advanced Pack is much more comprehensive, in as much as it contains more comments and more explanatory notes from our expert Prof Madan and a much larger number of Supreme Court and Privy Council judgments, each summarized in 2-5 pages.

Advanced Pack Content:

  • Over 1800 pages of printed study material covering all the listed subjects except the last three [online subjects]
  • About 300 Supreme Court and Privy Council cases; each condensed into 2-5 pages by Prof. Madan himself
  • Simplified rendering of important sections [not all] of all statutes
  • Prof. Madan’s expert comments on important sections [not all] of all statutes
  • Constitution fully updated, incorporating all Amendments, including the 102nd Amendment Act of August 2018
  • IPC, CrPC and Evidence Act fully updated, incorporating all amendments made by the Criminal Laws Amendment Act of 2013, the Mental Healthcare Act of 2017 [so far as it overrides section 309 of IPC], the SC & ST Amendment Act of August 2018 [so far as it overrides section 438 of CrPC and affects section 41 of CrPC], the Criminal Law Amendment Act of August 2018 and the Supreme Court Constitution Bench judgment of September 2018 on adultery u/s 497 IPC
  • Specific Relief Act fully updated, incorporating all amendments made by the Specific Relief Amendment Act of August 2018

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