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What is a preposition?

  • Very simply, a word that talks about the physical location of a noun
  • The following are all examples of prepositions: in, on, at, around, above, near, underneath, alongside, of, and for.
  • How do you get a preposition question right in the exam? Unfortunately, no simple formula. Just lots of practice.
  • While most prepositions make common sense, certain prepositions just ‘tend’ to be used in certain situations, and these are important to remember


Some Examples

  1. I put an egg on the kitchen table.
  2. The garbage truck comes on Wednesdays.
  3. She has been on the computer since this morning.
  4. I wear a ring on my finger.
  5. I will meet you at 12 p.m.
  6. There is a party at the club house.
  7. Please email me at
  8. I am good at drawing a portrait
  9. She always reads newspapers in the morning.
  10. The new semester will start in March.
  11. I am currently staying in a hotel.
  12. This painting is mostly in blue.
  13. This jacket comes in four different sizes.
  14. In preparing for the final report, we revised the tone three times.
  15. We are not interested in gambling.


Directions : Each of the sentence given below is a complete question followed by five choices. The answer of the question is to be found from the given choices. Choices are marked a, b, c, d and e. Of the five given choices only one is correct.


  1. He invited me………

(a)   on                    (b) for

(c) to                        (d)   at

(e)   of


  1. He is blind……….. one eye.

(a)    in                      (b)  of

(c) from                  (d)  by

(e) with


  1. He looked……….. his watch everywhere.

(a)   after                (b) into

(c)   to                    (d) for

(e) about


  1. He is blind……….. his defects.

(a)   to                    (b)  of

(c)  from                (d) about

(e) for


  1. My friend willingly complied ……… my request.

(a)   of                     (b)    to

(c)   from                (d)    upon

(e) with


  1. Cigarette smoking is injurious…….. health.

(a)   for                   (b)    to

(c)   about               (d)    on

(e) from


  1. In the dark, he knocked……….. the wall.

(a)   at                     (b)    on

(c)   upon                (d)    over

(e) against


  1. He jumped………. my offer.

(a)   at                     (b)    on

(c)   to                    (d)    over

(e) after


  1. He hastily jumped……… the conclusion that I was to blame for all his losses.

(a) at                        (b) on

(c) to                       (d) over

(e) after


  1. I congratulated him…his success.

(a)   for                     (b)   about

(c)   of                      (d)   on

(e) over


  1. She resembles.. her mother.

(a)   with                  (b)   to

(c)   from                  (d)   for

(e) No preposition is needed


  1. He was unjustified in accusing us…theft

(a)   for                    (b)   of

(c)   with                  (d)   upon

(e) over


  1. His comments were almost irrelevant…the topic of the evening.

(a)   for                    (b)    about

(c)   to                      (d)    on

(e) of


  1. He was exempted.. the payment of tax.

(a)  of                      (b)    from

(c)   on                     (d)    in

(e)   for


  1. He is not familiar… this locality.

(a)   to                      (b)    from

(c)   for                     (d)    on

(e) with


  1. His face is not familiar..

(a)   to                      (b)    with

(c)   a                        (d)    about

(e) for


  1. I found him leaning..the wall.

(a)   to                      (b)    over

(c)   about                (d)    against

(e) no preposition is needed


  1. He leaned…. the tree.

(a)   to                      (b)    over

(c)   about                (d)    against

(e) no preposition is needed


  1. When I parted …my sister, there were tears in my eyes.

(a) with               (b)    about

(c) from              (d)    to

(e) no preposition is needed


  1. A miser cannot part.. his

(a)   with                 (b)   about

(c)   from                 (d)    to

(e) no preposition is needed


  1. She takes pride. her beauty

    (a) of            (b)    in

(c)   about                (d)    for

(e) on

  1. He is proud… his

(a)   About               (b)    over

(c)   in                      (d)    of

(e)  no preposition is needed


  1. He should be held responsible

…this act

(a)  for                    (b)    to

(c)   about                (d)    on

(e) after


  1. Mala is engaged…… Chander

(a)   with                  (b)    in

(c)   to                      (d)    for

(e)  no preposition is need


  1. I prefer coffee…

(a)   from                 (b)    over

(c)   on                     (d)    to

(e)   for


  1. No one has yet discovered a cure… the common cold.

(a)  of                     (b)    for

(c)   from                 (d)    about

(e)  no preposition is needed


  1. Have you thought.. the matter.

(a)   of                      (b)    about

(c)  over                   (d)    in

(e) on


  1. The letter was written…red ink.

(a)   with                  (b)    by

(c)   in                      (d)    into

(e)   for


  1. We discussed the matter for over …an hour.

(a) about                 (b) on

(c) no preposition is needed (d) for

(e) over


  1. I am tired…walking.

(a) of         (b)       off

(c) with     (d)       in

(e) from


  1. I am tired…leading such an idle


(a) of         (b)       off

(c) with     (d)       in

(e) from


  1. Bacon had a thirst…knowledge.

(a) of         (b)       about

(c) for       (d)       to

(e) in


  1. The Hindu religion has been in existence…time immemorial.

(a) since    (b)       for

(c) on        (d)       from

(e) of


  1. It has been raining…Monday.

(a) since    (b)       for

(fc)            from    (d)       of

(e) on


  1. He has been suffering from fever… the last three days

(a) since    (b)       for

(c) to        (d)       about

(e) on


  1. My examination starts…Tuesday.

(a) from    (b)       about

(c) since    (d)       over

(e) on


  1. He jumped…the river.

(a) in         (b)       into

(c) on        (d)       over

(e) about


  1. Translate the following passage…a

modern Indian language.

(a) in         (b)       from

(c) of         (d)       into

(e) on


  1. He turned…my request.

(a) of         (b)       out

(c) about   (d)       off

(e) down


  1. He is…. his study table.

(a) on                       (b) over

(c) about                  (d) at

(e) above


  1. The lion sprang…the cow.

(a)   on                     (b)    at

(c)   over                  (d)    in

(e) upon


  1. His idleness accounts…his poverty.

(a)   for                     (b)    to

(c)   in                       (d)   into

(e) of


  1. I have no belief…his honesty.

(a)   for                     (b)   into

(c)   in                       (d)    about

(e) at


  1. We should never laugh…the poor.

(a)   on                     (b)    upon

(c)   over                  (d)    at

(e) into


  1. I will stand by you…thick and thin.

(a)   by                      (b)    of

(c)   in                       (d)    through

(e) to


  1. Students do have a claim…their teachers.

(a) at         (b)       on

(c) upon    (d)       of

(e) over


  1. You must get rid…unnecessary things.

(a) of         (b)       about

(c) off        (d)       over

(e) into


  1. We could not help…it.

(a) to        (b)       for

(c) about   (d)       through

(e) no preposition is need


  1. Mala was married…Chander.

(a) with     (b)       to

(c) for       (d)       of

(e) no preposition is needed


  1. He was destined…the bar.

(a) to        (b)       for

(c) about   (d)       beside

(e) no preposition is needed


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