One Word Substitutions – 1

Delhi Law Academy

Please commit to memory the table below – this is a list of commonly asked One Word Substitutions we have collected from past Law Entrance Exams. They are asked in several forms – as One Word Substitutions, as Fill In The Blanks and as part of Reading Comprehension questions.


One who is all powerful Omnipotent
One who is present everywhere Omnipresent
One who knows everything Omniscient
One who believes in God Theist
One who does not believe in God Atheist
One who claims to have no knowledge of God Agnostic
One who does not worship God Pagan
Killing of a human being homicide
Killing of a brother fratricide
Killing of a king regicide
Marrying one husband or one wife monogamy
Marrying two wives or two husbands bigamy
Marrying more than one wife polygamy
Marrying more than one husband polyandry
That which cannot be conquered invincible
That which cannot be corrected incorrigible
That which cannot be explained inexplicable
That which cannot be believed incredible
That which cannot be approached inaccessible
That which cannot be heard inaudible
That which cannot be imitated inimitable
That which cannot be repaired irreparable
That which goes from father to son hereditary
That which lasts forever eternal
That which lasts for a short time transient
Killing of one’s father patricide
Killing of one’s mother matricide
Killing of infant infanticide
Government by a king monarchy
Government by one man dictatorship
Government by a few oligarchy
Government by the nobility aristocracy
Government by the officials bureaucracy
Government by the rich plutocracy
Government by the people democracy
That which cannot be cured incurable
That which cannot be described indescribable
That which cannot be divided indivisible
That which cannot be harmed invulnerable
That which cannot be moved immovable
That which ends in death Fatal
Person who thinks only of himself Egoist
A person who believes in fate Fatalist
Examination of a dead body Post-mortem
A person with a bad reputation Notorious
Person who is unable to pay debts Bankrupt
Something that can be heard Audible
A list of books, etc. Catalogue
A state of dryness Drought
To free from germs Sterilize
Place of permanent residence Domicile
Something dull and uninteresting Monotonous
One who eats human flesh Cannibal
One who is indifferent to pain or pleasure Stoic
List of things to be discussed at a meeting Agenda


A general pardon by the government Amnesty
 One who walks in sleep Somnambulist
 A drug that induces sleep Narcotic
 Money paid to employees on retirement Gratuity
 One who does not show favour to anyone Impartial
 Insensitive and cruel Callous
 Out of date Obsolete
 Skill and tact in dealing with people Diplomacy
 Aggressive or war-like behaviour Belligerence
 One who looks at the dark side of things Pessimist
 That which cannot be understood Unintelligible
 One who has no regard for feelings of others Inconsiderate
 A storehouse for grain Granary
 To throw light on something difficult Elucidate
 A line of persons waiting to be attended to Queue
 A person with narrow religious views Fanatic
 Not identified by name; of unknown identity Anonymous
 Anything that destroys the effect of poison Antidote
  Primarily concerned with making money at the expense of ethics Mercenary
 A written declaration on oath before a magistrate Affidavit
 Familiar with many different cultures Cosmopolitan
 Property inherited from father Patrimony
 Government which respects all religions Secular
 That which cannot be changed Irrevocable
 A bunch of flowers Bouquet


One who is interested in the welfare of women Feminist
A substance which can be easily broken Brittle
One who totally abstains from all alcoholic drinks Teetotaller
One who eats too much Glutton
For the first time Maiden
One who lives on others Parasite
A man of singular temperament, unconventional and slightly strange Eccentric
Written by hand Manuscript
Too much official formality Red tapism
Favouring of relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs Nepotism
One who is out to destroy all governments Anarchist
One who easily believes others Credulous
Lover of humanity Philanthropist
The worship or tolerance of many gods Pantheism
After death Posthumous
One who cannot make a mistake Infallible
To destroy completely Annihilate
One who is made angry easily Irritable
Easy to carry Portable
A breaker of images Iconoclast
An animal with 4 legs Quadruped
A style that is full of words Verbose
Remedy for all diseases Panacea
Scientific study of old age and old people Gerontology
Incapable of being seen through Opaque