Legal Phrases 1

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Legal phrases are required learning for any Law entrance exam. Most phrases are derived from old Latin and Greek words, as we shall see.

Legal Phrases

Certiorari higher court order quashing lower court order
Coup d’état violent or illegal change
De facto in fact
De jure in law
De novo afresh
Decree order of court made after hearing the parties
Doli incapax incapable of committing crime
Emeritus retired after long service
En masse in a body
En route on the way
Ex aequo et bono in justice and good faith
Ex curia out of court
Ex debito justitiae on account of justice
Ex officio by virtue of office
Ex parte in the absence of one party
Ex post facto acting retrospectively
Ex tempore without preparation
Infra below
Inter alia among other things
Laissez faire doctrine of non – interference by the state
Habeas corpus May you have the body
Ipso facto By the fact itself
Intra vires Within the powers
Lex loci The law of the place
Locus standi Place of standing
Mala fide (In) bad faith
Mandamus We command
Mens rea Guilty mind
Modus operandi Manner of operation
Mutatis mutandis Having changed [the things that] needed to be changed
Nota bene note well
Nudum pactum naked promise
Pater familias father of the family
Post mortem after death
Prima facie at first face