Himachal Judicial Mains 2013 English Question Paper

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Himachal Judicial Mains 2013 English Question Paper

Time:  Three Hours                        Maximum Marks: 200


  1. Candidates are required to attempt all questions in the same seriatim as they appear.
  2. Marks are indicated against each question.
  • Support your answers with relevant provisions and case law.

No extra Answer Sheet will be provided.

Q.1. Write an essay on any one of the following topics in 1000-1100 words.

  • In this fast moving world, why some people still prefer a bicycle.
  • An indeterminate sentence is worse than death.
  • Dangerous love of credit cards.
  • Old order changeth yielding place to the new.
  • O! Lord don’t put me to examination.
  • Judicial Activism: Bane or Boon? 100 Marks

Q.2. Make sentences using the following words:-

(i) Oblivious                                     (ii) Inexplicable

(iii) Despise                                     (iv) Celibacy

(v) Avaricious                                   (vi) Impregnable

(vii) Regicide                                   (viii) Circumnavigate

(ix) Ingenious                                  (x) Alacrity                                                                                      20 Marks

Q.3. Write a Precis of the following passage of about one-third of the original length and give appropriate title:-

Self-reliance is the pilgrim’s best staff, the worker’s best tool. It is the master key that unlocks all the difficulties of life. “Help yourself and Heaven will help you” is a maxim which receives daily confirmation. He who begins with crutches will generally end with crutches.   Help from within always strengthens, but help from without invariably enfeebles the recipient. It is not in the sheltered garden, but on rugged Alpine Cliff, where the storms beat most violently, that the toughest plants are reared. It is not by the use of corks, bladders, and life-buoys that you can best learn to swim but by plunging courageously into the waves and buffeting them. To wait until some charitable man passesby, – to stand with arms folded, sighing for a helping hand, is not the part of any manly mind. the habit of depending upon others should be vigorously resisted, since it tends to weaken the intellectual faculties and paralyse the judgement. The struggle against adverse circumstances has, on the contrary, a bracing and strengthening effect like that of the pure mountain air on an enfeebled frame. This is a lesson which, nowadays, is not taught in colleges. To us it seems the vice of modern systems of education that they lay down too many ‘royal roads’ to knowledge. These impediments which formerly compelled the student to think and labour for himself are now most carefully removed and he glides so smoothly along the well-beaten high way that he pauses not to heed the flowers on either side. Success grows out of struggles to overcome difficulties. If there were no difficulties, there would be no success. If there were nothing to struggle or compete for, there would be nothing achieved. It is well, therefore, that men should be under the necessity of exerting themselves. In this necessity for exertion we find the chief source of human advancement – the advancement of individuals as of nations.                                                      25 Marks

Q.4. Read the following para and answer the questions given below in context thereof:-

At the top of the tower there rose the slated spire, with a golden wall and a weather vane on top Michael at last found himself sitting on the top of the wall, holding on by the vane. He was hot, out of breath and giddy. Presently he heard workman moving below. He did not speak or bend over to look. He certainly did not want to be noticed and taken down before Flushing had seen him. The voices died away and Michael sat resting.

At last he was ready to give the town a surprise. He rose on his feet and keeping light hold on the weather vane managed to stand on the top of the wall Luckily for him he had a cool head and iron nerves.

Some one must have glanced at the vane, seen Michael’s little figure outlined against the blue sky and cried out. Presently the market place was full of people who has rushed out of their shops and houses to gaze at the frightful sight. Michael was delighted to have all those eyes and hearts fixed upon him and those hands pointing to him.


  1. What feat did Michael do?
  2. Why do you think, Michael did not speak or bend over to look?
  3. Why did people rush to the market place?
  4. What delighted Michael?
  5. What do you read about Michael’s character?                                                                       25 Marks

Q.5. Re-write the following sentences correcting them:-

  • Yesterday I met a boy who was my class fellow.
  • I have disposed the business in hand.
  • My tooth in paining.
  • This house is built of bricks and stones.
  • A number of visitors have come to seen the exhibition.
  • The two girls told one another all their secrets.
  • Let us live like good brothern, being sons of same parent
  • I have bought a new pair of shoes.
  • I have finished my letter last evening.
  • With a view to obtain knowledge, he joined a school                                                       20 Marks

Q.6. Fill in the Blanks:-

  1. He died ______________overwork.
  2. What is the time_____________your watch?
  3. He is open _____________conviction.
  4. He acceded__________my request.
  5. Make ______________your deficiency in English.                                                    10 Marks

Looking for Judicial Services Coaching?

You have come to the right place! We offer comprehensive online and postal study material for the Judicial Services exam for various states in India