Goa Judicial Service Civil Judge – Paper-II – 2016

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Goa Judicial Service Civil Judge – Paper-II – 2016

Total marks – 150 Duration – 3 hours

1. (a) Explain the concept of the primary evidence? When is the Secondary evidence admissible?
(b) Explain the concept of Statements made under special circumstances? How much of a Statement is to be proved?

2. Explain any Five of the following in brief:
(a) Punishments and its types.
(b) Oath
(c) Wrongful gain and Wrongful loss
(d) Sentence of imprisonment for non-payment of fine
(e) Sedition
(f) Unlawful assembly
(g) Giving false evidence
(h) Public nuisance

3. (a) Discuss the provisions relating to grant of maintenance under the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973?
(b) Information to Police of a cognizable offence and their powers to investigate?

4. Discuss the provisions regarding to Cruelty to a woman by her husband and in laws with special reference to Domestic Violence Act?

5. Explain the procedure regarding trial of warrant case?

6. Write an essay on any one of the following
(a) Plea bargaining
(b) The judgment by Magistrate
(c) White Collared Crime

7. Write a Judgment on the basis of the following facts
A Charge-sheet is filed against the accused for offences punishable u\s 279, 337, 304A of IPC wherein it has been claimed that on 1\1\2016 at about 8:00 am at Panaji, the accused drove his car bearing no GA-08-2211 in rash and negligent manner while proceeding from Miramar to Dona Paula and gave dash to a scooter driven by deceased from behind while trying to overtake in fast speed and caused death of the rider of the scooter and injuries to the pillion rider of the scooter.

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