Assam Judicial Service Grade-III 2006 Paper-I

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Assam Judicial Service Grade-III 2006 Paper-I Question Paper

Total marks – 100                           Duration – 3 hours

1. Write art essay on any one of the following in about: 1000 words.
(a) The role of the judiciary Linder ‘the Indian Constitution.
(b) Information Technology in India.

2. Read the following passage and pick-up the correct answers from the answer choices, for each questions which follows the passage.

Passage -1
Speaking in public is as difficult as Singing or acting, and it ought to have quite as careful rehearsals; even more careful. because one of the aims of the public’ speaker appear entirely spontaneous. The great speakers of Greece and Rome used to prepare an important speech as carefully as an opera star nowadays studies a new role After Writing it out a dozen times, they would ‘ deliver it before a few trusted friends, critics and tutors, repeating it again and again until they knew every syllable and emotion. That is why we still study the speeches of men Cicero; a single page of them contains the results of more concentrated thought, active experience, intricate psychological knowledge, and training language than most modern speakers can command in a whole lifetime.

(i) The main idea of the passage is
(A) Speaking in public is a difficult job.
(B) Speeches should be written as well as delivered,
(C) The main aim of the public speaker is to . appear spontaneous.
(D) A public speaker needs careful rehearsals.

(ii) Which of the following is the most appropriate title for the passage.
(A) Public speaking and Public.
(B) Great public speakers of the past.
(C) Public speaking—a difficult art.
(D) Public speaking vs Singing.

(iii) Which of the following statements the author does not make or does not imply.
(A) Spontaneity is one of the qualities of a good public speech.
(B) Rehearsal was the important method of preparing public speeches
(C) Speakers .belonging to ancient Rome and .Greece-were better, than most of the speakers of the modern times.
(D) A public speech must be a highly elaborate work of act

(iv) We can, infer from the passage that one of the qualities of a good public speech is
(A) It should be an elaborate work of art,
(B) It should give concentrated thought.
(C) It should be spontaneous.
(D) Critics should approve of it

(v) Which of the following use/uses of the ‘over whim a word Used is the; passage-is correct.
1. he was overwhelmed with emotions.
2. This party has overwhelming majority.
3. Overwhelming role was played by him.
(A) Only 1 and 2
(B) Only 1 and 3
(C) Only 2 and 3
(D) All the three

Passage — 2
If there is one custom that might be assumed to be beyond criticism it is the custom of shaking hands; but it seems- that even this nnocent and amiable practice is upon its trial. A heavy indictment has been directed against it in the Press on hygienic grounds, and we are urged to adopt some more healthy mode of expressing our mutual emotion when we meet or part. I think it would need a pretty stiff Act of Parliament and a heavy code of penalties to break us of so ingrained a habit. Of course, there are many people in the world who go through life without ever shaking hands. Probably most people in the world manage to do so. The Japanese bow, and the Indian says namaste, and the Chinese make, a grave’ motion of the hand, and the Arab touches the breast of his friend at parting with the tips of his fingers.
By comparison with these modes of salutation it may be that our Western custom of shaking each other by the hand seems coarse and rustic, but I cannot conceive that Englishmen will ever be argued out of shaking hands with each other. A greeting which we really feel without a grip of the hand to accompany it would seem like a repulse, or a sacrilege. It would be a bond without the seal—as cold as a stepmother’s breath, as official as a typewritten letter with a type-written signature. It would be like denying our hands their natural office. They would revolt. They would not remain in our pockets or behind our backs or toying with a button.

We should have to chain them up, so instinctive and impetuous is their impulse to- leap at .a brother hand. :

(i) The author believes that
(a) Shaking hand is a bad habit.
(b) Shaking hands is as formal as. a typewritten letter.
(c) Shaking hands is a well established Habit mong the Englishmen
(d) Shaking hands is a coarse and rustic method of salutation

(ii) Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a mode of salutation.
(a) bowing
(b) touching the breast
(c) saying Namaste
(d) Kissing

(iii) The author concludes
(a) Shaking hands is the custom of ‘ the English only.
(b) Shaking hands should be banned because it isijogrgin.ecl habit of the English.
(c) shaking hand is rustic and coarse.
(d) None of these.

(iv) What is meant by ‘heavy indictment’
(a) too much burden.
(b) unbearable criticism.
(c) too much criticism.
(d) irresponsible accusations.

(v) In the 25lri line the writer says “They would revolt”. By the pronoun ‘they’ he means—
(a) English people.
(b) Friends.
(c) Hands.
(d) Critics.
3. Write a precis of the following passage and add a title.
The story of oil price hikes in India is as tedious as a tale told many times over. Political parties refuse to accept the simple premise that changes in the domestic prices of petrol and diesel should reflect global oil prices. The price hike that was announced on Monday, after some dithering, is a response to global market prices. But the extent of the hike is still not enough. The Petroleum Minister, Mr. Mani Shankar Aiyar, admitted that only half the rise in global prices had been passed on to the consumers. Public sector oil companies will bear the Other half of the increased burden. In other words, diesel and petrol; continue to be subsidized by the government. Yet as long ago ;as 1997, a decision was taken that over a five-year period, administered pricing of petroleum products would come to an end. It Is not clear what has happened to that decision. The government continues to be involved in the pricing of petrol, diesel and LPG. There Is no clear. direction that oil prices will tie ‘left to global market’ forces/This-indicates the. tardy nature of Liberation in India.
the hesitation to allow Oil prices to be determined by global market forces is rooted in the failure of Indian political parties to abandon notions of socialism, and populism. 1 he Communist; Party of India (Marxist) and the Bharatiya Janata Party are most vocal In the protest against the price rise, but the Congress too is not very comfortable with the decision. The protests are utterly misplaced.
The real poor of India, whose Cause all political parties especially the CPI(m), claim to uphold, ore not the consumers of diesel and. petrol. Neither will the real poor, since they live at subsistence level-be affected: by’ .whatever -inflationary impact the price rise might have. The consumer of diesel’ and petrol are the city dwellers’ and the rural rich .Who can have no claims, to government subsidy by any economic or political reasoning. The left should ponder what can be done with the money that is now being used to subsidize ‘diesel and petrol prices. That money can be put to far better use to provide food, shelter, education and health facilities for the poor of India. It: is a measure of the left’s lopsided priorities that (‘hey continue to rant against a price hike, the victims of which are not the poor. Rise in oil prices is inevitable in a globalized world. The left should accept this and be less myopic about Indian realities.

4. In each of the following sentences some part: is underlined. Each sentence is followed by five alternative versions of the underlined part. Pick the answer choices which is most effective, most correct according to the requirements of standard written English. In selecting attention must be paid to grammar, syntax, diction, clarify, precision and fluency.

(a) The flowers are plucked and the lawn mowed.
(i) and the grass of the lawn cut.
(ii) and the lawn is mowed.
(iii) and the moving of the lawn done.

(b) I prefer to write than to read.
(i) for writing than to read.
(ii) to write to reading.
(iii) writing to reading.

(c) is time to immediately finish the work in hand.
(i) The time to immediately finish the work at hand.
(ii) a time to finish the work on hand immediately.
(iii) time to finish the work in hand immediately.
(d) It is known to everyone that these presents’ are for you and myself.
(i) for you and I.
(ii) for yourself and myself.
(iii) For you and me

(e) Turning now to the evidence it appears very hazy.
(i) It appear very hazy turning now to the evidence,
(ii) Turning now to the evidence I may say that it appears to be very ‘hazy
(iii) The evidence appears hazy, turning to toe evidence.

(f) It was a wet day but I took an umbrella.
(i) rainy day therefore I took an umbrella.
(ii) wet day so I took an umbrella.
(iii) rainy day however I carried an umbrella.

(g) A good audience likes to be entertained but they object to being bored.
(i) yet raises objections to being bored.
(ii) but objects to be bored.
(iii) objects to being boring.

(h) Neither he pays now nor he promises to pay later.
(i) He neither pays now nor promises to pay later.
(ii) He pays neither now nor to pay later.
(iii) Neither does he pay now nor does he pay later.

(i) Wanted a piano by a lady with twisted legs.
(i) a piano with twisted legs by a lady.
(ii) by a lady a piano with twisted legs.
(iii) a twisted legs piano by a lady.

(j) Choose only such friends whom you can trust.
(i) who you can trust.
(ii) who can be trusted.
(iii) as can be trusted.

5. One blank space is left in each of the following questions. Pick the answer choice which will complete each sentence correctly

(a) We must not judge………..
(i) by appearance
(ii) with appearance
(iii) by appearances
(iv) with appearances

(b) He reads comics just ………….. time.
(i) to pass away
(ii) to pass away the
(iii) to pass
(iv) to pass the

(c) She…….. for many hours last night.
(i) has slept
(ii) had slept
(iii) would sleep
(iv) slept

(d) The hours ……….
(i) tripped by
(ii) Tripped up
(iii) Tripped
(iv) tripped along

(e) He_______ that I am not his friend.
(i) mistakes in thinking
(ii) is mistaken in thinking
(iii) mistakes of thinking
(iv) is mistaken of thinking

(f) I tried to save her but
(i) of no purpose
(ii) to no purpose
(iii) of any purpose
(iv) to any purpose

(g) commenced your work……… 15″ August.
(i) since
(ii) on
(iii) from
(iv) at

(h) I………. To him to gay.
(i) never spoke
(ii) did not speak
(iii) had not spoken
(iv) have not spoken

(i) This………. Freedom should not be misused.
(i) Hardly won
(ii) scarcely won
(iii) hard won
(iv) scarce won

(j) I hayn’t got………
(i) any ink
(ii) no Ink
(iii) any drop of Ink
(iv) no drop of Ink.

6. Front among the given option, choose a word that Is closest in meaning to the capitalized word.
(i) organize
(ii) justify
(iii) assure
(iv) clear
(v) ignore

(i) break
(ii) vanquish
(iii) brevity
(iv) result
(v) abort

(i) partake
(ii) nudge
(iii) subdue
(iv) follow
(v) relinquish

(i) categorical
(ii) diligent
(iii) diminutive
(iv) injurious
(v) insolent

(i) fabricate
(ii) shorten
(iii) sprawl
(iv) peer
(v) put in irons

(i) split
(ii) manage
(iii) pour
(iv) bound
(v) consistent

(i) Establish
(ii) fortify
(iii) Furnish
(iv) Affirm
(v) fall sort of

(i) imposter
(ii) fish
(iii) orphan
(iv) child actor
(v) small child
(i) VIAL
(i) container
(ii) Scent
(iii) Chain
(iv) File
(v) Indicator

(i) Vigorous
(ii) skilful
(iii) enough
(iv) incoming
(v) devious.

7. Complete the following sentences by selecting m appropriate word from the given choices.
(a) over government will not_______ its responsibility to curb terrorism.
(i) enchant
(ii) palpitate
(iii) abdicate
(iv) flail
(v) hand over

(b) this is not the first time that militants have resorted to violence and …… to enforce its will.
(i) Subterfuge
(ii) literacy
(iii) jargon
(iv) penalty
(v) cyncism

(c) our reporter investigates the strange_______ between politicians and liquor lobby.
(i) moron
(ii) illegitimacy
(iii) nexus
(iv) malady
(v) allusion

(d) The atmosphere in India was not_____ to research work as it was polluted with politics.
(i) monastic
(ii) diffident
(iii) turbid
(iv) attached
(v) conducive

(e) He has been lodged in maximum security prison, on charges of high………
(i) stridency
(ii) articulation
(iii) treason
(iv) tenacity
(v) impasse

(f) He is…… from the strains of a heart attack, which left him bed ridden till recently.
(i) doctoring
(ii) reinvigorating
(iii) adjusting
(iv) repudiating
(v) recuperating

(g) The president…………. Segal opinion on who he should invite to form the government.
(i) acquired
(ii) solicited
(iii) laundered
(iv) conveyed
(v) rejected

(h) At the end of her brief speech, the … lasted at least two minutes.
(i) illustration
(ii) ovation
(iii) agitation
(iv) flux
(v) disapproval

(i) He was their lather and they took it for granted that he should love and……… them.
(i) galvanize
(ii) mime
(iii) cherish
(iv) lynch
(v) hoot

(j) She announced on September the partial lifting of the _______ on the jaffana.
(i) Antagonism
(ii) curtain
(iii) endeavour
(iv) subsistence
(v) embargo

8. pick up the word from the choice word having opposite meaning for the word in capital letters

(i) Survival
(ii) Medieval
(iii) Departure
(iv) Depart

(b) EXIT
(i) Enter
(ii) Submit
(iii) Entrance
(iv) Down

(i) Education
(ii) Literacy
(iii) Awareness
(iv) Know
(i) Anger
(ii) Officious
(iii) Frown
(iv) Despire

(i) Forbid
(ii) Permit
(iii) Forgive
(iv) Insult

(i) Refuse
(ii) Reject
(iii) Deny
(iv) Deject

(g) HELP
(i) Succour
(ii) Hind
(iii) Hinder
(iv) Pull

(h) MAKE
(i) Destroy
(ii) Cut
(iii) Mar
(iv) Mutilate

(i) Productive
(ii) Fertile
(iii) Grow
(iv) Decline

(i) Unpopulated
(ii) Sparse
(iii) Immense
(iv) Fence

Looking for Judicial Services Coaching?

You have come to the right place! We offer comprehensive CLASSROOM coaching for Judicial Service exams of various States. Our next batch starts on 26 November 2017. We also offer comprehensive study material for these exams which you can access online or get at your doorstep through speed post.