2 Month Study Plan for CLAT

2 Month Study Plan for CLAT

Month 1

  • Month 1:Week 1-2: English Language
    • Days 1-14: Focus on improving your English language skills, including vocabulary and grammar. Read newspapers, books, and practice English comprehension exercises.

    Week 3-4: General Knowledge and Current Affairs

    • Days 15-28: Dedicate your time to reading current affairs and general knowledge. Make a habit of daily news updates and practice quizzes.

    Month 2: 

    Week 1-2: Elementary Mathematics

    • Days 1-14: Start working on your math skills. Review basic math concepts, practice numerical problems, and learn shortcuts for quick calculations.

    Week 3-4: Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning

    • Days 15-28: Spend this time understanding legal reasoning and principles. Solve legal reasoning questions and practice logical reasoning exercises.

    Last Few Days: Revision and Mock Tests

    • In the last week or two leading up to the exam, focus on revision. Revisit all subjects, clarify doubts, and practice mock tests regularly to get a feel for the actual exam environment.


    • Stay organized and make a daily study schedule.
    • Take short breaks to avoid burnout.
    • Solve previous years’ CLAT papers to understand the exam pattern.
    • Consider joining a coaching institute or online test series for extra practice.
    • Stay updated with current affairs throughout the two months.

    Remember that consistency and dedication are key. Ensure you have a quiet and comfortable study space and minimize distractions. Good luck with your CLAT preparation!

You did it! Congratulations!

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