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DU LL.B. 2005 Question Paper

Time: 2 hours Total Marks: 700

1. The Competition Act was passed in the year
(a) 2000
(b) 2001
(c) 2002
(d) 2003

2. As per a recent Supreme Court judgment, a strike by lawyers is
(a) illegal
(b) malafide
(c) unlawful
(d) lawful

3. When cruelty would not be a ground for divorce in given circumstances?
(a) Dowry
(b) Insult before friends
(c) Neglect of Children
(d) Husband’s desire that wife should learn English

4. Which one is a valid agreement?
(a) Agreement with a minor
(b) Agreement with a lunatic
(c) Agreement for not doing a business
(d) Agreement with a firm

5. Which one among the following is an attempt to suicide?
(a) Causing wilful accident in depression
(b) Pouring kerosene oil on oneself and lighting a match
(c) Standing near a falling tree
(d) Standing infront of a moving motorcycle

6. Which section of I.P.C. deals with homosexuality?
(a) S. 377
(b) S. 375
(c) S. 415
(d) S. 498A

7. What is meant by‘locus standi’?
(a) Standing before the court of law
(b) Understanding the local customs
(c) A right to stand before the court
(d) A local authority

8. ‘Res Ipsa Loquitur’ stands for
(a) The thing speaks for itself
(b) No need to prove negligence
(c) No crime if no guilty mind
(d) Opportunity of being heard

9. What is a tort?
(a) A wrongful act
(b) A civil wrong
(c) A civil as well as a criminal wrong
(d) A civil wrong redressible by unliquidated damages

10. Lok Adalat is a
(a) Court
(b) Tribunal
(c) Forum
(d) Office

11. Which case dealt with sexual harassment at workplace?
(a) Vishakha v. State of Rajasthan
(b) Jayashree v. State of Kerala
(c) Maneka Gandhi v. Union of India
(d) Hussainara Khatoon v. State of Bihar

12. What punishment was awarded to Dhananjoy Chatterji, the rape and murder case convict?
(a) Life imprisonment
(b) Death
(c) Imprisonment for ten years
(d) He was acquitted for lack of evidence

13. Where to file complaint in case of sexual harassment?
(a) Committee against Sexual harassment
(b) Women Welfare Society
(c) Court for Sexual harassment
(d) Gender Sensitisation Committee

14. Who is the Attorney General for India?
(a) Soli Sorabji
(b) Milon Banerji
(c) Goolam Vahanvati
(d) Abhishek Manu Singhvi

15. Who is the Chairperson ofNational Commission for Women?
(a) Poornima Advani
(b) Girija Vyas
(c) Mohini Giri
(d) Ambika Soni

16. What is the legal term for mercy killing?
(a) Plea for death
(b) Exdelicto
(c) Euthanasia
(d) Pari Materia

17. Who was the First women J udge of the Supreme Court?
(a) Justice Leela Seth
(b) Justice M. Fatima Bibi
(c) Justice Usha Rani
(d) Justice Sangeeta Rajyog

18. Punishment for Computer hacking is redressed by
(a) Civil Law
(b) Criminal Law
(c) Compensation
(d) No such law exists

19. ‘Amicus Curie’means
(a) Friend of the poor litigant
(b) A good man assisting legal proceedings
(c) A lawyer representing a poor litigant free of cost in a court of law
(d) Amicably resolving a dispute without going to the court

20. ‘Caveat’ means
(a) A warning
(b) A reprimand
(c) An instruction
(d) A request

21. Which among the following High Court has jurisdiction over two states?
(a) Calcutta
(b) Guwahati
(c) Punjab and Haryana
(d) Gujarat

22. ‘Saptapadi’ is a part of marriage in which religion?
(a) Muslims
(b) Hindu
(c) Parsi
(d) Jews

23. A juvenile under law is a person below the age of ______years.
(a) 14
(b) 16
(c) 18
(d) 21

How many languages are there in the 8th Schedule to the Constitution?
(a) 18
(b) 21
(c) 22
(d) 24

25. ‘Right to clean environment’ is implied in which Article of the Constitution
(a) Article 19
(b) Article 21
(c) Article 14
(d) Article 39

26. ‘Right to Information’ is impliedly included under which Article
(a) Article 21
(b) Article 14
(c) Article 19
(d) Article 25

27. Right to constitutional remedies is available under
(a) Article 32
(b) Article 39A
(c) Article 30(1)
(d) Article 48A

28. Uniform Civil Code’ is dealt with in
(a) Article 44
(b) Article 45
(c) Article 46
(d) Article 48

29. Who appoints a Supreme Court Judge?
(a) Parliament
(b) Council of Ministers headed by Prime Minister
(c) President
(d) Chief Justice of India

30. Who proclaims President’s Rule in a State?
(a) President
(b) Governor
(c) Union Cabinet
(d) Union Council of Ministers

31. Who among the following is the present Chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission:
(a) Mr. Justice J.S. Verma
(b) Mr. Justice A.S. Anand
(c) Mr. Justice M. Jagganadha Rao
(d) Mr. Justice P.N. Bhagwati

32. Muslim religious foundations are known as:
(a) Ulema
(b) Jehad
(c) Quzat
(d) Wakfs

33. Who is known as the father of international law?
(a) Bentham
(b) Grotius
(c) Oppenheim
(d) Lord Denning

34. Corporeal possession means possession of material things. Thus which of the following is not an example of incorporeal possession:
(a) Copyright
(b) Trade Mark
(c) Chattel
(d) Easement

35. The Shah Bano case related to
(a) Muslim wife’s right to maintenance after divorce
(b) Muslim wife’s right to divorce
(c) Muslim wife’s right to separation
(d) Muslim wife’s right to husband’s property

36. A written statement in the name of a person by whom it is voluntarily signed and sworn is called:
(a) Power of attorney
(b) Affidavit
(c) Petition
(d) Affirmation

37. The book “Concept of Law” was written by
(a) Justice Krishna Iyer
(b) H.L.A. Hart
(c) Ronald Dworkin
(d) Henry Maine

38. The Judge involved in the first ever impeachment proceedings initiated for the Supreme Court judge was Chief Justice of the High Court of
(a) Punjab and Haryana
(b) Madras
(c) Patna
(d) Kerala

39. Expert Legal advice to the Govt, of India is tendered by the
(a) Attorney General of India
(b) Chief Justice of India
(c) Chairman, Law Commission
(d) Minister of Law. Justice and Company affairs in Union Cabinet

40. The words “secular and socialist” were added to the Preamble of the Indian Constitution by the
(a) 44th Amendment
(b) 73rd Amendment
(c) 42nd Amendment
(d) None of the above

41. The Territorial Waters of India extend upto
(a) 24 Nautical Miles
(b) 12 Nautical Miles
(c) 18 Nautical Miles
(d) None of the above

42. The UN Convention on Law of the Sea was adopted in:
(a) 1984
(b) 1982
(c) 1995
(d) 1986

43. The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women was adopted in
(a) 1984
(b) 1979
(c) 1992
(d) 1989

44. When was the Indian Independence Act brought into force?
(a) July 18, 1947
(b) August 15, 1947
(c) January 26, 1950
(d) July 26. 1949

45. The principle of separation of powers in the Indian Constitution was taken from the Constitution of which country?
(a) USA
(b) UK
(c) Japan
(d) Sweden

Questions 46-50: Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it.
A blanket ban on defection will weaken rather than strengthen democracy, in whose name it is being sought to be imposed. Granted, political defection is increasingly less an act of ideological defiance than one of pure opportunism. Granted also that it is illogical to allow a third of the party to split but not a lesser number. Yet, for all its flaws, the current law recognizes and respects one fundamental principle: The right to dissent. Democracy is not about showing the door to one who dares to disagree. Democracy is about granting her the right to dissent from within the fold. In a household context, it would be akin to a father throwing out his rebellious daughter. How would a democratic father deal with this situation? He would allow the daughter to register, her protest, knowing full well that to not do so would stifle the youngster’s intellectual growth and turn her into a malcontent.
The need to foster a democratic spirit is all the more in a political party which derives its legitimacy from participation in democratic elections. Indeed, like charity, democracy must begin at home. A political party that is intolerant to internal dissent can hardly be expected to be liberal and democratic in its external conduct. To tell a legislator that he owes to his party, which has facilitated his election, never to disagree with it, is the equivalent of asking that he remain forever in bondage. To do so is to journey back to the feudal age, when a supplicant who rebelled against the master would be called a ‘namak haram’. Take the case of a party that asks for votes on one ideological platform but switches course once it forms a government. What is the sanctity of the party whip issued in such a situation? Should the conscientious MP vote as ordered or should she defy the whip? It has to be the latter and there can be no two views on this. Nor is it valid to argue that differences can be aired in private but must not translate into a vote. For voting is the ultimate expression of a person’s conscience.

46. According to the passage, a political party which does not tolerate any internal dissent.
(a) is doomed to disintegrate in the long run
(b) maintains strict discipline and survives in the long run.
(c) is a boon to the democratic traditions and principles.
(d) is unlikely to be liberal and democratic in its external conduct.

47. Which of the following is expressed as a characteristic of the feudal age in the passage?
(a) extending the family values to the political arena.
(b) changing the ideological platform once in government.
(c) any disobedience of the people in power is to be treated as treachery.
(d) telling the legislator that he got elected because of the party.

In which of the following matters does the author appreciate the existing law with regard to defection?
(a) individual member’s freedom to express opinion different from the party line
(b) a total prohibition on joining another party for personal party.
(c) entering election fray without affiliation to any political party.
(d) a political party to be liberal and democratic both in its internal and external conduct

49. According to the passage, political defection is increasingly taking place:
(a) more on ideological grounds
(b) to strengthen the democratic process
(c) as a result of basic conceptual differences
(d) as a matter of pure opportunism

50. The author has equated the party’s stand to tell legislator never to disagree with it with:
(a) charity
(b) feudal age
(c) democracy
(d) moral trepidation

51. My daughter never (a) / would write to me (b) / so I never know (c) / what she is doing (d).
(a) A
(b) B
(c) C
(d) D

52. Whenever we have a puncture (a)/ she just sits in the car (b) / and reads a book (c) / while I change the wheel (d).
(a) A
(b) B
(c) C
(d) D

53. He walked to the market (a)/ with both his servants (b)/ on either side of his (c)/ to help him buy things (d).
(a) A
(b) B
(c) C
(d) D

54. Ganesh. who has been (a)/ driving all day (b)/ was extremely tired (c)/ and wanted to stop (d).
(a) A
(b) B
(c) C
(d) D

55. Everyone was reading quietly (a)/ when suddenly the door (b)/ burst open and a (c)/ complete stranger rushed in (d).
(a) A
(b) B
(c) C
(d) D

The society provides the individual security of life……….., of thought and sustenance for action. Every individual who…………… from the society is indebted to the society.
(a) serenity………… gains
(b) prosperity…….. benefits
(c) objectivity……… profits
(d) seriousness ……..derives

57. A hobby is an activity of interest ……… for pleasure. It helps to break the monotony and tedium of our…….. routine.
(a) developed……. interesting
(b) pursued……. humdrum
(c) cultivated……. developed
(d) regularised ……cultivated

58. The…… growth of Indian agriculture in the last three decades has earned…….. from of the countries.
(a) pervasive….. reputation
(b) significant ……deliverance
(c) superior ……regard
(d) dynamic….. accolades.

59. The human infant is a life-long bundle of energy with a ……..array of potentialities, and many
(a) marvellous ……vulnerabilities
(b) peculiar…….. opportunities
(c) critical ……..competencies
(d) vocational…… strengths

60. His presentation was so lengthy and…… That is was difficult for us to find out the real in it.
(a) boring …….planning
(b) tedious…… skill
(c) verbose……… content
(d) laborious …….coverage.

61. The green eyed monster
(a) the creature of the sea
(b) an animal with green eyes
(c) personal jealousy
(d) to get into trouble

62. To burn one’s fingers
(a) to have a burning sensation at the tips of one’s fingers
(b) to undergo suffering heroically for one’s principles
(c) to behave as if one is very great and important
(d) to be lucky

63. To end in smoke
(a) to die of cancer caused by smoking
(b) to end without providing any practical result
(c) die in burning house choked with smoke
(d) to risk everything in a single venture

64. To catch a tartar
(a) to deal with person who is more than one’s match
(b) to catch a dangerous person
(c) to trap a wanted criminal with great difficulty
(d) to meet with disaster

65. A wet blanket
(a) a man who is always drunk
(b) a wife who is cold to her husband
(c) to wear black and white clothes
(d) none of these

66. Your ………. nature will aid you in attaining success in every venture you undertake.
(a) rotund
(b) amiable
(c) catalytic
(d) persevering

67. The soldiers fought splendidly but being outnumbered far out of proportion they had to
(a) dessicate
(b) recede
(c) capitulate
(d) contemplate

68. Her…… nature will help her realise the object of her desire.
(a) obdurate
(b) obstinate
(c) persevering
(d) fascinating

69. His employer had all through been kind to him; so he…… by being loyal to him.
(a) leprimanded
(b) accommodated
(c) delegated
(d) reciprocated

70. During the freedom struggle, Jawaharlal Nehru was the……. for most young Indians.
(a) darling
(b) lodestar
(c) ideal
(d) fascimile

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(a) discouraging
(b) disguising
(c) bright
(d) tragic

(a) loud
(b) melodious
(c) sonorous
(d) harsh

(a) disconnected
(b) timorous
(c) disputed
(d) contented

(a) passing
(b) sensuous
(c) permanent
(d) distasteful

(a) criticise
(b) accelerate
(c) improve
(d) procrastinate

76. An office with play but little responsibility
(a) sinecure
(b) presidency
(c) factotum
(d) plutocracy

77. A long boring speech
(a) horology
(b) harangue
(c) declamation
(d) filibuster

78. A traveller through the universe
(a) filibuster
(b) cosmonaut
(c) astronaut
(d) aironotics

79. Informal expression used in everyday
(a) socialism
(b) synopsis
(c) colloquialism
(d) social

(a) dissent
(b) refuse
(c) deny
(d) deceive

(a) vehement
(b) reliant
(c) congruity
(d) repentance

(a) unrefined
(b) tasteless
(c) inelegant
(d) gracefull

83. Incapable of being seen through
(a) invisible
(b) obsolete
(c) transparent
(d) opaque

84. One who is not easily pleased by anything
(a) fastidious
(b) vulnerable
(c) pessimist
(d) maiden

85. To speak to oneself.
(a) soliloquise
(b) synopsis
(c) corroboration
(d) collaboration

Six people A, B, C, D, E and F live on a six- story building each on one floor. The following statements describe where they stay.
1. B lives on floor 6
2. A is equally far from C and E.
3. F is an engineer.
4. D is two floors above F.
5. C does not live next to an engineer

86. Which of the following is true?
(a) C lives on floor 4
(b) A is exactly between D and F
(c) E is on floor 5
(d) B is on floor 5

87. If statement 5 is disregarded which floor does A stay on?
(a) 5
(b) 4
(c) 3
(d) 1

88. Which of the following is not true?
(a) F is not next to D.
(b) C lives between B and D
(c) E lives on floor 2
(d) B is on floor 6

89. If condition 5 is invalid, how many types of arrangements are possible?
(a) 2
(b) 3
(c) 1
(d) 5

Anita is the niece of Prateek’s mother. Anita’s mother is Prateek’s aunt. Rohan is Antia’s mother’s brother. Rohan’s wife is Anita’s grandmother. From this information, deduce the relationship between:

90. Rohan’s mother is…………… to Anita’s mother
(a) Aunt
(b) Mother
(c) No relation
(d) Sister

91. Prateek’s and Anita’s mother are:
(a) Cousin Sister
(b) Sister-in-law
(c) Friend
(d) Sisters

92. Rohan is Prateek’s
(a) Brother
(b) Brother-in-law
(c) Uncle
(d) Cousin Brothers

93. If you are serious you must work.
(a) Inference is definitely true
(b) Inference is definitely false
(c) Inference is uncertain
(d) Inference cannot be drawn

94. All honest people are rogues. All rogues are politicians.
(a) Inference is definitely true
(b) Inference is definitely false
(c) Inference is uncertain
(d) Inference is irrelevant

95. In the college canteen, 6 colleagues are sitting on the six chairs regularly placed around the table. It is observed that Nagaraj is between Ashfaq and Sudhir, Nandimath is opposite Ashfaq, Ashfaq and Elizabeth are on neighbouring chairs. The person sitting opposite Cauvery is:
(a) Nagaraj
(b) Ashfaq
(c) Elizabeth
(d) Sudhir

96. What is ocarina?
(a) an Italian ‘goose-shaped’ musical instrument
(b) a sea shell
(c) a beach in Hawai
(d) an English wine

97. Who was the USA Vice-President during the Presidency of Ronald Reagan?
(a) George Bush (Junior)
(b) George Bush (Senior)
(c) Al Gore
(d) Bill Clinton

98. Where are the Pensacola Mountains?
(a) North Pole
(b) Artie
(c) Antarctica
(d) South Pole

99. Where is the Cape Code Bay?
(a) Boston
(b) Massachussets, USA
(c) Amsterdam
(d) San Diego, USA

100. Which Indian reformer was a sympathiser of widow’s rights?
(a) Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar
(b) Swami Vivekananda
(c) Ram Krishna Paramhans
(d) Mahatma Gandhi

101. Which is the most populous Muslim country?
(a) Indonesia
(b) Pakistan
(c) U.A.E.
(d) Iran

102. Which country is the closest western neighbour of Australia?
(a) New Zealand
(b) Indonesia
(c) Madagascar
(d) Malaysia

103. What does P.G.A. stands for?
(a) Professional Golfers’ Association
(b) Progressive Guilds Associates
(c) Press Guild Authority (USA)
(d) Professional Games Authority

104. What’s the full form of SCUBA (in the Sport SCUBA diving)?
(a) Strategic Centre for Uranium Board of America
(b) Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus
(c) Self Containing Undersea Breathing Apparatus
(d) Shipping Corporation of USA and British Associates

105. ‘Hopman Cup’ is linked with which sports
(a) Tennis
(b) Football
(c) Ice Hockey
(d) Hockey

106. How many agencies does the UN have?
(a) 20
(b) 27
(c) 30
(d) 6

107. The PANAMA Lockerbie incident occurred in the year
(a) 1988 in Scotland
(b) 1990 in Finland
(c) 1985 in Pacific Ocean
(d) 1986 in Germany

108. Silicosis is an occupational disease. It affects
(a) Heart
(b) Brain
(c) Lungs
(d) Kidney

109. Who discovered penicillin?
(a) Alexander Fleming
(b) Herbert Simon
(c) Richard Axel
(d) Joseph E. Murray

110. Which hemisphere of the world has the largest number of countries?
(a) Southern Hemisphere
(b) Northern Hemisphere
(c) Eastern Hemisphere
(d) Western Hemisphere

Study of Heredity is called?
(a) Heredity Science
(b) Embrayonic Science
(c) Genetics
(d) Cellular Biology

112. The City of Rotterdam is situated on which famous river of Europe?
(a) New Mass
(b) Rhine
(c) Volga
(d) Danube

113. Which landmass is 50 times its mother country?
(a) Falkland Islands
(b) Greenland (of Denmark)
(c) Iceland
(d) New foundland

114. Which metal is liquid at room temperature?
(a) Arsenic
(b) Mercury
(c) Sulphur
(d) Phosphorous

115. Which is an ore of Iron?
(a) Haematite
(b) Bauxite
(c) Lamonite
(d) Zycolite

116. Where was the world’s first skyscraper built in 1885?
(a) New York
(b) Paris
(c) Chicago (USA)
(d) Aberdeen

117. In which Olympics did Nadia Comancei dazzle the world with her superb performance?
(a) Munich Olympics (1972)
(b) Montreal Olympics (1976)
(c) Seoul Olympics (1988)
(d) Sydney Olympics (2000)

118. Where are the 2006 Commonwealth Games to be held?
(a) Auckland
(b) Victoria
(c) Melbourne, Australia
(d) Manchester

119. Which among the following is the first animal named in a dictionary?
(a) Astaty
(b) Aardvark
(c) Cat
(d) Bui

120. Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?
(a) Michael Angelo
(b) Leonard Daviaci
(c) Edougrd Manet
(d) Albert Durer

121. Who performed the first heart-transplant surgery?
(a) Dr. Christian Bernard Shaw
(b) Dr. Jacques Diouf
(c) Dr. Tadao Chino
(d) Dr. (Ms) Carol Bellamy

122. Which Russian President promoted the concept of Glasnost?
(a) Boris Yeltsin
(b) Vlamidir Putin
(c) Mikhail Gorbachov
(d) None of these

123. Which is smallest paper-size used in photostat?
(a) A4
(b) A5
(c) A8
(d) A2

124. Which language is spoken in Egypt?
(a) Arabic
(b) Persian
(c) Urdu
(d) Egyptian

125. Persia was the capital of Ancient Egypt. To go to Persia one has to go through _________
(a) Iraq
(b) Saudi Arabia
(c) Iran
(d) Ethiopia

126. What is the full form of UNDP?
(a) United Nations Development Programme
(b) United Nations Department Programme
(c) United Nations Dirict Programme
(d) United Nations Department Process

127. GATT, which later on became WTO was
(a) An International Treaty
(b) United Nations Agency
(c) An International Organisation
(d) A global business regulator

128. Which is the highest tobacco producing country in the world?
(a) USA
(b) Russia
(c) China
(d) India

129. ‘Persian’ is the language of which country?
(a) Iran
(b) Jordan
(c) Kuwait
(d) Syria

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130. UN Budget or Finance is passed by
(a) General Assembly
(b) Security Council
(d) International Court of Justice

131. How many hearts, a earthworm has?
(a) 1
(b) 2
(c) 13
(d) 100

132. Which is the 5th planet nearer to sun?
(a) Jupiter
(b) Mars
(c) Saturn
(d) Uranus

133. Where is the Headquarters of MCC?
(a) Lords
(b) Hadingly
(c) Melbourne
(d) Sydney

134. Himalayas are
(a) Block Mountains
(b) Fold Mountains
(c) Volcanic Mountains
(d) Residual Mountains

135. When the sensex of NYSE came down heavily, the day is called _____
(a) Black Monday
(b) White Monday
(c) Black Friday
(d) White Friday

136. Which is the largest sea in the world?
(a) Mediterranean Sea
(b) Caribbean Sea
(c) Caspian Sea
(d) South China Sea

137. Which is the nearest island country near Australia?
(a) Indonesia
(b) New Zealand
(c) Timor
(d) Tasmania

138. The structure formed due to the sea penetrating far into the land?
(a) gulf
(b) island
(c) bay
(d) coral reef

139. Niagra falls are situated in
(a) USA
(b) Canada
(c) France
(d) Sweden

140. US President is elected by
(a) People
(b) Senate
(c) House of Representatives
(d) Members of State Assembles

141. What is the position of Earth in the Solar System?
(a) 2nd
(b) 3rd
(c) 4th
(d) 5th

142. What is the birth place of ‘Nasser Hussain’?
(a) Sri Lanka
(b) India
(c) England
(d) Pakistan

143. The income of senior citizen is exempted from tax upto
(a) Rs. 1 lakh
(b) Rs. 1.5 lakh
(c) Rs. 1.25 lakh
(d) Rs. 1.85 lakh

144. Which style of swimming was earlier called the Australian Crawl?
(a) Backstroke
(b) Freestyle
(c) Butterfly
(d) Breaststroke

145. Who was the first tourist in space?
(a) Yuri Gagarin
(b) Neil Armstrong
(c) Dennis Tito
(d) None of the above

The land of thunderbolt is
(a) Nepal
(b) Bhutan
(c) Norway
(d) Sweden

147. Natural Rubber is a plant product, which is chemically known as:
(a) resin
(b) anaemia
(c) mucilage
(d) latex

148. One of the longest running plays “Mousetrap” was written by
(a) William Shakespeare
(b) Charles Dickens
(c) Robert Louis Stevenson
(d) Agatha Christie

149. El Dorado is located in
(a) Spain
(b) Mexico
(c) Chile
(d) None of the above

150. Which of these was the contempoary of Akbar?
(a) Henry VIII
(b) Elizabeth I
(c) William IV
(d) Edward IV

151. The largest natural gas reserves are found in
(a) Russia
(b) Antarctica
(c) Senegal
(d) Sough Africa

152. Outside which house was Gandhiji assassinated?
(a) Birla House
(b) Janpath
(c) Rashtrapati Bhavan
(d) 1, Albuquerque Road

153. Which gas is known as ‘Marsh Gas’?
(a) Nitrogen
(b) Methane
(c) Helium
(d) Oxygen

154. Who invented the Gramophone?
(a) Alexander Graham Bell
(b) Albert Einstein
(c) Thomas Edison
(d) Alfred Noble

155. The book ‘Life Divine’ was written by
(a) Rabindranath Tagore
(b) Mahatma Gandhi
(c) Aurobindo Ghosh
(d) Swami Vivekanand

156. The President of the Palestinian Authority is
(a) Mahmood Abbas
(b) Yasser Arafat
(c) Mustafa Barghouti
(d) Hamid Karzai

157. Who lead the Great Tumult or Ulgulan movement
(a) Korra Mallaya
(b) Birsa Munda
(c) Maheswata Devi
(d) None of the above

158. Who founded four matts in the four corners of India?
(a) Shankaracharya
(b) Ramanujacharya
(c) Bhaskaracharaya
(d) Madhvacharaya

159. World Literacy Day is observed on
(a) May 20
(b) 39692
(c) January 28
(d) 40513

160. The deepest lake is
(a) Lake Tanganyika
(b) Lake Superior
(c) Lake Baikal
(d) Lake Victoria

161. The World Economic Forum mostly meets at
(a) New York
(b) Zurich
(c) Geneva
(d) Davos

162. Which folk dance / drama of northern India is based on scenes from the life of Sri Krishna?
(a) Chhau
(b) Raslila
(c) Jatra
(d) Bhavai

163. What is the market situation in which each of a few producers affects but does not control the market?
(a) Monopoly
(b) Perfect Competition
(c) Price Differentiation
(d) Oligopoly

164. Who was the author of General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money
(a) Alfred Marshal
(b) Paul Samuelson
(c) John Maynard Keynes
(d) Amartya Sen

Who was the first to develop the theory of comparative advantage?
(a) Karl Marx
(b) David Ricardo
(c) John Stuart Mill
(d) None of the above

166. The State of Manipur shares a border with which country?
(a) China
(b) Bangladesh
(c) Bhutan
(d) Myanmar

167. Who invented computer mouse?
(a) Bill Gates
(b) Paul Allen
(c) John Herschel
(d) Douglas Engelbart

168. Name the world’s first general purpose microprocessor?
(a) Intel 1103
(b) Intel 4004
(c) Intel 8080
(d) Windows 9292

169. The phrase “Clash of civilisations” is attributed to
(a) Donald Rumsfeld
(b) Samuel Huntington
(c) Edward Said
(d) George W. Bush

170. J. Phule is associated with which social movement
(a) Environment
(b) Anti-caste
(c) Peasant
(d) None of the above

171. Who was the first Law Minister of independent India?
(a) Vallabhai Patel
(b) Rafi Ahmed Kidwai
(c) B.R. Ambedkar
(d) C. Rajagopalchari

172. The person associated with ‘New India’ is
(a) Annie Besant
(b) Subhash Chandra Bose
(c) Mahatma Gandhi
(d) M.N. Roy

173. With what field was Kurosawa associated?
(a) Athletics
(b) Films
(c) Philosophy
(d) Literature

174. The magnetic field of the earth is strongest at
(a) The Equator
(b) The Tropic of Cancer
(c) The Tropic of Capricorn
(d) The Poles

175. In a freezer, ice cubes will be formed more quickly in trays made of
(a) Rubber
(b) Plastic
(c) Aluminium
(d) Steel

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