DU LLB 2017 Paper Analysis


  • The overall paper structure was quite different than that of past DU LLB papers.
  • The exam was timed for 2 hours carrying 400 marks.
  • The test includes 5 sections: Mathematics, English, Logical reasoning, Legal aptitude and Constitution, GK and Current Affairs.
  • The marks distribution was as follows: Mathematics-8 Logical Reasoning-15, English-17, GK and Current affairs-30, Legal aptitude and Constitution- 30.
DU LLB 2017 paper tableDU LLLB 2017 paper

Section I-Mathematics

  • The syllabus includes preliminary mathematics.
  • The section was containing 8 questions.
  • The level of Maths questions asked this time were significantly higher than in previous years.
DU LLB 2017 math tableDU LLB 2017 math

Section II- English

  • The section includes question related to grammars, reading comprehension and vocabulary .
  • The section was containing 17 questions from different areas.
  • In this section the RC passage, which was tougher than usual and was a Law-based essay
DU LLB 2017 English tableDU LLB 2017 English

Section III- Logical Reasoning

  • The section includes puzzles and reasoning based questions.
  • The section was containing reasoning based 15 question.
DU LLB 2017 reasoning tableDU LLB 2017 reasoning

Section IV- Legal Aptitude and Constitution

  • The section includes Constitution, Polity, Legal GK, Legal Aptitude and Principle-Fact-Decision type of questions.
  • The section was containing 30 questions from different areas.
DU LLB 2017 legal tableDU LLB 2017 Legal aptitude

Section V- GK and Current Affairs

  • The section includes question from different area of GK and also includes question from the current issues.
  • The section was containing 30 questions from different areas.
  • The Current Affairs questions were universally acknowledged to be much tougher than anticipated
DU LLB 2017 GK tableDU LLB 2017 GK


There isn’t any section which we can call out as being ‘easy’. All the sections were either at the level of previous year’s papers, or tougher. But overall, given the pattern change and short notice of events, it was a remarkably well-balanced paper.