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BHU UET BA LL.B 2019 Question Paper

Time: 2 Hours Total Marks: 450

1. Legal Principle : Any person who interferes with the discharge of duties by a public servant is liable for punishment.
Factual Situation : Mohan, a celebrity appoints Sohan, a bodyguard, Neelam, a police officer takes entry, with search warrant, in the House of Mohan to search for document connected with abduction of a Film Producer, with whom Mohan was not sharing good relation, Sohan prevents and threatens Neelam not to enter the bedroom of Mohan. Sohan is prosecuted for intimidating a public servant. Is Sohan liable for punishment?
(1) Not Sohan but Mohan would be liable for punishment for interfering with the discharge of duties by a public servant through his bodyguard.
(2) No, because Sohan is not the owner of the house.
(3) Yes, because Sohan was interfering with public servant to discharge her official duty.
(4) No, because Neelam could not show FIR filed against Mohan,

2. Legal Principle : Whoever attempts to commit suicide and does anything towards killing himself is said to have committed an offence.
Factual Situation : Ajit was dejected in his life. He had neither any interest in life nor any interest to live nor any goals to achieve. He was not getting proper sleep, In order to get good sleep., he used to take sleeping tablets, One day he has consumed lot of sleeping tablets, He knew that consuming such heavy quantity of sleeping tablets could be life risk. His family members realized the situation and admitted him to the hospital, where he was treated in the emergency ward, Now he is alright.
(1) Ajit needs psychiatric treatment.
(2) Ajit has not committed any offence because he was regularly taking sleeping tablets.
(3) Ajit has committed the offence of attempt to commit suicide,
(4) Ajit should have taken the sleeping tablets under the supervision of the 4 Doctor.

3. Legal Principle : Whoever, intending to insult the modesty of any woman, utters and word, makes any sound or gesture, or exhibits any object, intending that such word or sound shall be heard and that such gesture or object shall be seen, by such woman, or intrudes upon the privacy of such woman, shall be punished.
Factual Situation : Payal works in an Export House in Mumbai, There are more than 100 employees along with workers in such company. One of the employees Rajesh wanted to have some talks with Payal, But she scolded him in front of some 50 workers in employee’s canteen. Taking this grudge, Rajesh everyday during entry at morning patted Payal’s hand and shaked her right- hand for few minutes against her will. One day she made up her mind and informed to her Boss, But the Boss due to the work efficiency of Rajesh did not take any action. She alternatively informed the Police, Police arrested Rajesh. Rajesh told the police to defend himself that he used to shake her hand as it is a manner of wishing a colleague and that his Boss is enough to take action because it is the workplace and his Boss is competent to decide matter himself. What shall happen to Rajesh?
(1) Rajesh shall be punished because shaking hand with a girl against her will amounts to the sexual harassment at workplace and such an act is subject to be prosecuted,
(2) Rajesh can be punished only by his Boss not by Court of Law in India.
(3) Rajesh shall not be punished because shaking hand is no offence in India,
(4) Rajesh shall not be punished because he acts in such manner only during office hours and before many employees not in a confined room.

4. Legal Principle : When a criminal act is done by one person in furtherance of the common intention of himself and some other persons, each of such persons is liable for the act in the same manner as if it were done by each one of them.
Factual Situation : A B and C decide to commit burglary. They broke into a locked house. However, a domestic servant appeared from the out-house before they had finished and started shouting. A B and C left the house and started running away, They were pursued by a small crowd. A on being caught by X. one of the persons pursuing them, stabbed him and ran away. By that time B and C had disappeared.
X died on account of the stab wounds. Later the police arrested all the three, They were charged for attempted burglary and murder of X.
(1) Along with .4, the person who stabbed X. B and C are also guilty of murder because A stabbed X in furtherance of common intention to commit murder,
(2) Along with A B and C are also guilty of murder because A, at the time of stabbing X, was acting on behalf of B and C and he wanted to save not only himself but B and C as well,
(3) A alone is guilty of murder because though there was common intention to commit the offence of burglary., there was no common intention to commit the offence of murder.
(4) A will be charged for theft only as there was no intention for murder.

5. Legal Principle : If there is infringement of legal right of a person, he can sue under torts for compensation even if he has not suffered any harm or loss of a single penny.
Factual Situation : Biju, a bank manager refuses to honour a cheque presented by Chintan. a customer. He knows that Chintan has sufficient funds in his account, Can Chintan sue Biju under torts and claim compensation?
(1) The Banker has violated legal right of Chintan, He can be sued under torts to pay compensation,
(2) The entire money of Chintan in his bank account is intact. He suffers no damage. He should get no compensation.
(3) Biju can plea extraordinary situation in the bank at that point of time due to which he could not honour the cheque.
(4) Only third party can claim compensation and not Chintan.

6. Legal Principle : Damages cannot be claimed against a risk to which consent has been given. The principle does not apply to rescue cases.
Factual Situation : Sajid bought tickets to have a ringside view of a football match.. During the course of the game a hard kick from one of the players caused the ball to hit Sajid on his nose, causing bleeding and nausea. Can Sajid claim compensation? Decide.
(1) Sajid shall not be able to recover as he consented to the risk of the flying ! ball.
(2) Sajid shall be able to recover as the organisers failed to take precautions against the flying ball.
(3) Sajid shall be able to recover as he consented to watch the game not to be injured in it.
(4) Sajid shall not be able to recover as by purchasing a ringside seat in a football game he consented to all risks of such watching.

7. Legal Principle : A careless person becomes liable for his negligence when he owed a duty of care to others.
Factual Situation : As the bus was leaving the platform. Kusum rushed and boarded the bus keeping the door open, Anu, who was standing at the edge of the platform, was hit by the door of the moving bus and injured, Anu claims compensation from Kusum.
(1) Kusum is liable to Anu for not having taken care to close the door of the moving bus.
(2) Kusum is not liable to Anu as it was the duty of the conductor of the bus to close the door.
(3) Kusum is not liable to Anu, as it was the duty of the Anu. to take sufficient care to avoid such accident,
(4) Anu should have file case against the bus owner.

8. Legal Principle : If a person makes a statement that lowers the reputation of another person in the eyes of right thinking people, then it is defamation, The person whose reputation is affected can sue the culprit and recover damages.
Factual Situation : Ratan told Sagarika “You are a thief. You stole my heart,“
Sagarika was furious and she felt that she was defamed, Can Sagarika hold Ratan responsible?
(1) Ratan has defamed Sagarika and hence he is liable to pay damages.
(2) Ratan is liable to pay as Sagarika’s reputation was lowered in. the eyes of right thinking people,
(3) Ratan is not responsible, as right thinking people will not mistake this statement.
(4) Ratan has defamed Sagarika because of using the expression ‘thief’.

9. Legal Principle : Two persons agree on the same thing in the same sense shall make a contract.
Factual Situation : Aalok knows that Bijon has two .Jeeps—Mahindra and Maruti. Bijon takes Aalok from a marriage party to drop him home in his Mahindra Jeep. While going, they were discussing about the comparative merits and demerits of the two jeeps. Bijon suggests selling his spacious jeep. While discussing. Aalok thinks Maruti; is also quite comfortable and spacious. Aalok asked for the price, Bijon replied. Rs 2 lakhs. Aalok said, “ I shall buy”, Afterwards, Aalok wants to get the Maruti jeep for Rs 2 lakhs, whereas Bijon said he wished to sell only the Mahindra Jeep.
(1) It is a valid contract because the consideration is absolutely certain.
(2) It is a voidable contract and it is the option of the sufferer party to declare it valid or void.
(3) It is an uncertain agreement and hence void.
(4) The agreement was induced by mutual mistake and hence void.

10. Legal Principle : A minor is not competent to contract.
Factual Situation : A minor mortgaged his house and received advance of Rs 1 lakh. The mortgagee files a suit against the minor to recover the money advanced by him. The minor mortgagor takes the plea that the suit is not maintainable as there was no valid contract. Decide.
(1) An agreement with minor is absolutely void.
(2) It is voidable at the option of the parties,
(3) The minor is liable to return the money received by him as advance,
(4) Mortgagee can file suit against parent of the minor.

11. Legal Principle : Under Indian Constitution, everybody shall be equal before law.
Factual Situation : The Income-tax Act happens to provide that those whose annual income is up to Rs 2.50.000 shall pay 15% of their income as tax: and those whose annual income exceeds Rs 2,50.000 shall pay the tax at the rate of 20%. Those citizens whose annual income exceeds Rs 2.50,000 challenge this legislation on the ground that it is a violation of the principle of equality before law.
(1) They will succeed, because the law discriminates against the people who earn more than Rs 2,50,000 per annum.
(2) They will not succeed, because the people who earn more than Rs 2.50,000 are not equal to the people who earn less than Rs 2.50.000.
(3) They will not succeed, because this law enables the Government to equalise the incomes of all the people in the country,
(4) They will not succeed, because citizens earning less than Rs 2.50,000 are not equal to those earning above it. Taxes must vary.

12. Legal Principle : The Constitution of India guarantees freedom of speech and expression to all the citizens subject to the right of the State to make a law and impose restrictions on this freedom in the interest of sovereignty and integrity of India, the security of State, friendly relations with foreign States, public order, decency or morality, or in relation to contempt of court, defamation, incitement of an offence.
Factual Situation : FIN TV, a Singapore-based Satellite TV company introduces a new channel called as ‘Channel MMM’ which can be viewed in India, It is meant for betting since it telecasts only those cricket games which are having huge betting. The Government of India passes a law and bans viewing of this channel and other similar channels in India. It also makes reception and circulation of such programmes by cable TV operators a punishable offence, This is likely to result into considerable financial loss for cable TV operators throughout India because they were expecting massive viewer ship for Channel MMM. The cable TV Operators’ Federation in New Delhi filed a writ petition in the Supreme Court challenging the validity of the new law as contradictory to freedom of speech and expression. What could be the main argument on behalf of the Government to justify their action?
(1) The Government has all power to allow or to stop the telecasting of a new channel in the country’.
(2) State can impose reasonable restriction in the interest of public order or morality, on telecast of a channel showing betting in cricket games.
(3) Freedom of speech and expression does not include freedom to air betting in cricket.
(4) Freedom of speech and expression is not absolute and has restrictions.

13. Legal Principle : Dnder the Constitution, nobody can be convicted twice for the same offence.
Factual Situation : The students of a college went on strike against the reservation by the college. A student Neeraj in the ensuing confusion assaulted a staff member and injured him grievously. For this offence, he was rusticated from the college. Subsequently, the police arrested him and charge-sheeted him for causing grievous hurt, Neeraj pleads that he is being convicted for the same offence twice.
(1) Neeraj should not be punished twice for same offence. This is unconstitutional.
(2) Neeraj has not committed an intentional crime. He should be acquitted as rustication is itself enough punishment.
(3) Neeraj cannot plead double conviction as the two authorities are different,
(4) Neeraj is not yet convicted as oril^r a court can convict and rustication from college does not amount to conviction,

14. Legal Principle : Only States (Nations! can be parties to a dispute before the International Court of Justice,
Factual Situation : Shankar, an Indian has property worth 100 crores in Sydney. Australia, which the Government of Australia has nationalised. Shankar, filed a case in the highest Court of Australia to recover his property, but did not get decree in his favour, Shankar, now wants to file a suit in the International Court of Justice, Both India and Australia have accepted the compulsory jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice.
(1) Shankar can file a suit against Australia in the International Court of Justice as he is an Indian.
(2) Shankar, can file a suit against Australia in the International Court of Justice only if Australia allow him to file.
(3) Shankar cannot file a suit against Australia in the International Court of Justice.
(4) Shankar can file a suit against Australia in the International Court of justice on behalf of India.

15. Legal Principle : If a person without any authority prevents a person to proceed to any direction and is kept confined, he commits an offence of wrongful confinement,
Factual Situation : The Municipal Board of Lucknow allowed Pritam to hold a marriage party blocking a part of a public road, The marriage party blocked most of the roads and did not allow Rishabh. a passerby, to cross the road, He brings a charge of criminal confinement against the head of the marriage party and other associates. Can Rishabh succeed?
(1) Rishabh cannot succeed because Pritam has got previous official permission from the Municipal Board and has blocked part of the public I road.
(2) Rishabh can succeed because he has authority to walk on public road,
(3) Rishabh cannot succeed because he must have to wait up to end of marriage party,
(4) Rishabh shall succeed because no one is allowed to use public property for the personal benefit.

16. Ubi jus ibi remedium means :
(1) Where there is a right, there is a remedy
(2) Reason is the life of the law
(3) Presence of a right does not necessarily mean that there is damage
(4) If the plaintiff has suffered damage he is entitled to remedy

17. The maxim Res ipsa loquitur means :
(1) No action can be maintained
(2) The thing speaks for itself
(3) Damage suffered by consent is not a cause of action
(4) The damage is too remote

18. Res Judicata applies in :
(1) A suit which has been decided
(2) A suit which is pending
(3) A case which is referred to the higher court
(4) The High Court may call for the record from subordinate court

19. Caveat Emptor refers to :
(1) Qualify the words in the premises
(2) Quality and quantity of goods
(3) Let a seller beware
(4) Let a purchaser beware

20. Audi alteram pattern stands for :
(1) The practice of the court is the law
(2) Equity is the life of a legal fiction
(3) No man shall be condemned unheard
(4) Reason doth make like law

21. Profit a prendre means :
(1) Benefits to arise out of land
(2) A right to take from the land owned by another
(3) Things embedded in the Earth
(4) Things rooted in the Earth

22. Pali Delicto means :
(1) The plaintiff is at fault
(2) The dependant is at fault
(3) Both the parties are at fault
(4) None of the three

23. Faux pas is :
(1) Cheating
(2) Embarrassing act
(3) Paws
(4) Passing of title

24. Mala fide is :
(1) Bad faith
(2) Reckless
(3) Illegal
(4) Error apparent

25. Which one of the following is not a Constitutional Office?
(1) Comptroller and Auditor General
(2) Attorney General
(3) Solicitor General
(4) Advocate General

26. Which day is celebrated every year on 10th December?
(1) Human Rights
(2) Aids Awareness
(3) United Nations
(4) Women’s Rights

27. Fundamental Duties contained in the Article 51A of the Constitution are :
(1) enforceable per se even if there is no statute making such duty a legal duty
(2) not enforceable but they are fundamental in the governance of the country
(3) enforceable when some fundamental right is violated
(4) not enforceable without any legal sanction for non-compliance

28. The President of India can be impeached for :
(1) violation of law
(2) corruption and nepotism
(3) proved misbehaviour or incapacity
(4) violation of the Constitution

29. Principle : When a person consented to an act to be done by another, he cannot claim any damages resulting from doing that act, provided the act done is the same for which consent is given.
Facts : P submitted a written consent to surgeon S for undergoing a surgical operation for removal of appendix, The surgeon while doing surgery also removed the gallbladder of P.
(1) P can claim damages from S.
(2) P is not bound to pay expenses of the surgery.
(3) P is required to pay expenses for surgery for appendix but not for gallbladder.
(4) P cannot claim damages from S

30. Arguing : Litigation : : Courting :
(1) Romance
(2) Judiciary
(3) Adjudication
(4) Dispute

31. Plaintiff : Defendant : : _____ : ______
(1) Court : Law
(2) Victim : Accused
(3) Judge : Jury
(4) Husband : Wife

32. When was Article 21A {Right to Education} inserted in Part III of the Constitution?
(1) 2000
(2) 2002
(3) 2003
(4) 2005

33. How many members the President can nominate to the Rajya Sabha?
(1) 10
(2) 12
(3) 14
(4) 16

34. Who decides on the issue whether a Bill is a Money Bill or not?
(1) President of India
(2) Speaker of Lok Sabha
(3) Chairman of Rajya Sabha
(4) Finance Minister

35. Who amongst the following was not a Chief Justice of India?
(1) Justice P. N. Bhagwati
(2) Justice R. M. Lodha
(3) Justice Krishna Iver
(4) Justice J. S. Verma

36. ‘Collegium Systems’ is :
(1) a process to appoint Judges in the High Courts and the Supreme Court of India
(2) a process to elect the Speaker of the Lok Sabha
(3) a process to elect President and Vice-President of India
(4) a process to elect Leader of the Opposition party in the Lok Sabha

37. Who presides over the joint sitting of both the Houses of Parliament?
(1) President
(2) Prime Minister
(3) Chairman of Rajya Sabha
(4) Speaker of Lok Sabha

38. Which among the following writs literally means ‘what is your authority’ ?
(1) Mandamus
(2) Quo warranto
(3) Certiorari
(4) Habeas Corpus

39. Who among the following has been the Chief Justice of India and has acted as the President of India?
(1) Justice M. Hidayatullah
(2) Justice S. V. Chandrachud
(3) Justice P. Shastri
(4) Justice P. B. Gajendragadkar

40. Which among the following can a court issue, for the enforcement of Fundamental Rights?
(1) Ordinance
(2) Notification
(3) Decree
(4) Writ

41. Which of the following is a Fundamental Duty?
(1) Equal pay for equal work
(2) Respect to parents
(3) Renounce practices derogatory to the dignity of women
(4) Spirit of common brotherhood

42. Which of the following terms means 4 under consideration of a court of law’ ?
(1) Sine qua non
(2) Res judicata
(3) Double jeopardy
(4) Sub Judice

43. Vice-President is ex-officio Chairman of Rajya Sabha. “Ex-Officio” means :
(1) part time
(2) by virtue of his office
(3) chairman
(4) None of the three

44. The authorisation for withdrawal of any funds from the Consolidated Fund of India must come from :
(1) The President of India
(2) The Lok Sabha
(3) The Prime Minister of India
(4) The Union Finance Minister

45. Entry relating to ‘Legal Profession’ finds place in :
(1) Central List
(2) Union List
(3) State List
(4) Concurrent List

46. As per law. the minimum age for the marriage of a Hindu boy and a Hindu girl in India is :
(1) 21 years in both cases
(2) 18 years and 21 years respectively
(3) 21 years and 18 years respectively
(4) 18years in both cases

47. Sex determination tests have been banned under :
(1) Pre-concept ion and Pre-natal Diagnostic Techniques (Prohibition of Sex Selection) Act
(2) Sex Determination Test (Prohibition) Act
(3) Ultrasound Control Act
(4) Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act

48. Lodha Commission was established to enquire into :
(1) backward classes issues in Karnataka
(2) mismanagement and financial irregularity of BCCI
(3) Mumbai Riot
(4) Ayodhya Dispute

49. The State shall promote, with special care the educational and economic interest of the weaker section of the people .______”
(1) guaranteed by the Fundamental Rights in the Constitution of India
(2) guaranteed to the people by the rights issued by the Supreme Court of India
(3) and ideal enshrined in the Preamble to the Constitution of India
(4) a Directive Principle of State Policy taken into account while making enactments

50. Which one of the following is not a Fundamental Duty under the Constitution of India?
(1) To protect and improve the environment and to safeguard the forest and wildlife of the country
(2) To value and preserve the rich heritage of Indian composite culture
(3) To secure for citizens a uniform Civil Code
(4) To strive for development of scientific temper, humanism and spirit of enquiry and reform

51. The term ‘State'” as mentioned in Article 12 of the Constitution of India does not include :
(1) Life Insurance Corporation of India
(2) State Bank of India
(3) Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
(4) National Council of Education Research and Training

52. Which one of the following is true regarding Constitution of India? Constitution was framed by :
(1) First Indian Parliament
(2) British Parliament
(3) Constituent Assembly
(4) A Committee constituted by Princely States

53. Which of the following words is not used in Preamble of the Constitution of India?
(1) Secular
(2) Socialist
(3) Federal
(4) Republic

54. Abbreviation RTI stands for Options :
(1) Republic Territory of India
(2) Right to Irrigation
(3) Right to Information
(4) Right to Intimation

55. Offence of kidnapping :
(1) stealing of male child
(2) stealing of female child
(3) stealing of male or female child
(4) stealing of movable property

56. The UNO Headquarters is located at :
(1) New York
(2) Vienna
(3) Nairobi
(4) Hague

57. The Indian States and Territories were restructured by the Constitutional Amendment :
(1) 1st Amendment
(2) 7th Amendment
(3) 42nd Amendment
(4) 44th Amendment

58. The Union Territories which have their own Legislative Assemblies :
(1) Delhi
(2) Daman St Diu and Delhi
(3) Delhi and Puducherry
(4) Laics had weep and Andaman & Nicobar

59. Muscles present in our limbs move when we want them to and stop when we so decide. Such muscles are called :
(1) cardiac muscles
(2) smooth muscles
(3) striated muscles
(4) nervous tissue

60. The deficiency of which of the following group of nutrients affects the skin?
(1) Iron, Iodine, Zinc; Potassium
(2) Riboflacin. Niacin, Pyridoxine, Pantothenic Acid
(3) Vitamin K, Calcium, Fluorine, Copper
(4) All of the three

61. What does vitamin K deficiency lead to?
(1) Problem in digestion
(2) Problem in blood coagulation
(3) Problem in calcium metabolism
(4) All of the three

62. IRO 6 is commonly assigned to :
(1) Sound Card
(2) Cam 1
(3) Floppy drive Controller
(4) LPT 1

63. What is the other name of Salt Lake Stadium?
(1) Yuba Bharati Stadium
(2) Bharat Bharati Stadium
(3) Eden Gardens
(4) Kolkata Stadium

64. ‘ Ezat Cup’ is related to which of the following sports?
(1) Polo
(2) Tennis
(3) Lawn Tennis
(4) Cricket

65. Which among the following sports have largest number of members in reams of either side?
(1) Rugby Football
(2) Water Polo
(3) Baseball
(4) Soccer

66. Which State of India is associated with the Folk Dance Teratali?
(1) Haryana
(2) Rajasthan
(3) Punjab
(4) Gujarat

67. Which among the following is not in Maharashtra?
(1) Bhaja Caves
(2) Bagh Caves
(3) Bedsa Caves
(4) Eller a Caves

68. Temple of the ‘Emerald Buddha’ is located in which country?
(1) Cambodia
(2) China
(3) Nepal
(4) Thailand

69. Where did Buddha gave his first sermon?
(1) Rajgriha
(2) Sahet Mahet
(3) Sarnath
(4) Jimmibhikagram

70. The Washington Convention whose formal name is abbreviated as CITES is related to which among the following?
(1) Pesticides
(2) Ozone depletion
(3) Endangered species
(4) Human Rights

71. ‘Bengal Desi’ is. a hybrid variety of which of the following crops?
(1) Jute
(2) Cotton
(3) Sesame
(4) Gram

72. Which among the following cities was declared as ‘Tiger Gateway of India?
(1) Bhopal
(2) Nagpur
(3) Mysore
(4) Lucknow

73. The headquarters of Biodiversity International is located at :
(1) Rome
(2) Geneva
(3) Paris
(4) Manila

74. What term is used to describe the cultivation of plants without soil?
(1) Aeroponics
(2) Aquaponics
(3) Fogponics
(4) Hydroponics

75. Plants which are adapted to grow in soils containing high concentration of salt are known as :
(1) Xerophytes
(2) Mesophytes
(3) Halophytes
(4) Thallophytes

76. What is the scientific name of Laughing Gas?
(1) Nitrous oxide
(2) Phosphorous pentoxide
(3) Sodium bicarbonate
(4) Carbon tetrachloride

77. Which instrument determines specific gravity of liquids?
(1) Gravimeter
(2) Hydrometer
(3) Hygrometer
(4) Hypsometer

78. Which of the following is not a Fundamental Duty under the Constitution of India? I
A) To develop scientific temper
B) To vote in public election
C) To protect public property
D) To abide by the Constitution and its ideals
(1) A and B
(2) C and D
(3) A and D
(4) B only

79. Which tennis player has become the second-ever in the world to claim 100 ATP titles?
(1) Roger Federer
(2) Rafael Nadal
(3) Serena Williams
(4) Novak Djokovic

80. Which city was ranked as the world’s most polluted city of 20IS as per the report released by IQ Air Visual and Greenpeace on March. 5, 2019 ?
(1) Lahore
(2) Hotan Country
(3) Delhi
(4) Gurugram

81. Joint bilateral exercise ‘Exercise Al Nagah 2019′ held from March 12 to 25 2019 between India and which country?
(1) Saudi Arabia
(2) Oman
(3) Turkey
(4) Qatar

82. Which is the only Hindu Party to support the idea of court-monitored mediation in the Ayodhya Land Dispute Case?
(1) Nirmohi Akhada
(2) Hindu Parishad
(3) Ram Lalla Vi raj man
(4) Hindu Mahasabha

83. Ausaf Sayeed has been appointed as the Indian Ambassador to which country?
(1) Egypt
(2) Kazakhstan
(3) Saudi Arabia
(4) UAE

84. Which among the following is the World’s Largest Wetland System?
(1) Camargue (France)
(2) Okavango (Botswana)
(3) Everglades (USA)
(4) Pantanal South America)

85. Which of the following decades had highest increasing growth rate of population in India?
(1) 1951-61
(2) 1961-71
(3) 1971-81
(4) 1981-1991

86. Which of the following is correct order of Planets from Jupiter to Sun?
(1) Jupiter, Mars, Earth. Mercury, Venus
(2) Jupiter, Mars. Earth, Venus. Mercury
(3) Jupiter. Mars, Mercury, Earth, Venus
(4) Jupiter. Earth, Mars. Venus. Mercury

87. Which of the following pollutants is discharged by jet planes?
(1) Photo-chemical oxidants
(2) CO
(3) Smog
(4) Aerosols

88. An order for division of Bengal in two parts was given by
(1) William Bentinck
(2) Warren Hastings
(3) Lord Cornwallis
(4) Lord Curzon

89. The founder of the ‘Servant of India Society’ was :
(1) Mrs. Annie Besant
(2) Lala Lajpat Rai
(3) Gopal Krishna Gokhale
(4) Bal Gangadhar Tiiak

90. Babur defeated Mewar Ruler Rana Sanga in the Battle of :
(1) Panipat
(2) Khanwa
(3) Chanderi
(4) Ghaghra

91. Kheda Satyagraha is associated with :
(1) Mill Workers Movement
(2) Peasants Movement
(3) Indigo Cultivation
(4) Religious Movement

92. At which of the following levels, ‘Central Cooperative Banks’ are established in India?
(1) District Level
(2) State Level
(3) Inter-State Level
(4) Nation Level

93. The Ministry of Finance has started which series on Twitter to educate general public about the budgetary process?
(1) Know Budgetary Process
(2) Know Your Budget
(3) Know Your Economy
(4) Know Making of Budget

94. Which of the following types of file can be sent as an e-mail attachment?
(1) Text files only
(2) Audio files only
(3) Video files only
(4) All of the these

95. The joint venture that was announced between. Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and S and P Dow Jones is :
(1) Asia Index
(2) BSE Index
(3) BSE and S & P Index
(4) S & P Jones Index

96. Which of the following is not a Constitutional Body?
(1) Election Commission of India
(2) Central Bureau of Investigation
(3) Supreme Court of India
(4) Union Public Service Commission

97. Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas (PBD) is celebrated on January 9th every year because on this day :
(1) India became member of UNO
(2) Gandhiji returned from South Africa
(3) Subhas Chandra Bose came from Japan
(4) Subhas Chandra Bose organized Indian National Army in Singapore

98. The Directive Principles of State Policy puts limitations upon :
(1) legislative function
(2) executive function
(3) judicial function
(4) None of the three

99. In the following question, there is a letter series with one term missing shown by (?). The missing term ( ?) is :
DOZ, GRC, ( ? ), ALW, BMX
(1) BGL
(2) LWH
(3) DLT
(4) GJM

100. Find out the missing one from the given alternatives :
03:10 ::08: ( ? )
(1) 26.67
(2) 26.66
(3) 26.00
(4) 26.06

101. If KEDGY is coded as EKDYG, then how will LIGHT be coded?

102. Ramesh starting from a fixed point goes 15 km towards North and then after turning to his right he goes 15 km. After this he goes 10, 15 and 15 metres after turning to his left each time. How far is he from his starting point?
(1) 5 m
(2) 10 m
(3) 20 m
(4) 15 m

103. Pointing to a lady in the photograph Kaushal said. “She is the daughter of the daughter of the only son of my grandfather”. How is the lady related to Kaushal?
(1) Sister
(2) Maternal aunt
(3) Niece
(4) Cousin

104. In a row of girls. Nivedita is 15th from the left and Vimla is 23rd from the right. If they interchange their positions, then Nivedita becomes 18th from the left, Then at what position will Vimla be from the right?
(1) 25th
(2) 24 th
(3) 26 th
(4) 20th

105. Nikhilesh is taller than Arvind who is taller than Mahendra, Naresh is smaller than Suresh but taller than Nikhilesh. Who is the smallest?
(1) Nikhilesh
(2) Arvind
(3) Mahendra
(4) Naresh

106. In a class of 65 boys the position of Mohan is 33rd. If the last boy is given the first position, then on this basis what is the position of Mohan?
(1) 32nd
(2) 33rd
(3) 34th
(4) Data inadequate

107. If x means -, — means x, + means ÷ and ÷ means +, then :
13-12 ÷ 400 + 20 x 100 = ?
(1) 1/1760
(2) 76
(3) 176
(4) 186

108. If + means ÷, ÷ means -, – means x and x means +, then :
12 + 2 x 9 ÷ 4 = ?
(1) 9
(2) 11
(3) 4
(4) 15

109. In the following figures, circle shows Literate, triangle shows Unemployed and Square shows Villagers. In it, total numbers of villagers is:

(1) 20
(2) 43
(3) 30
(4) 24

110. The following figures shows the Owner. Broker and Worker. Identify the region representing all of three :

(1) L
(2) T
(3) P
(4) R

111. In the question below, 5 words are given. Which of them will come in the middle if all of them are arranged alphabetically as in a dictionary?
1. Butterfly
2. Butter
3. Butler
4. Button
5. Butte
(1) 1
(2) 2
(3) 3
(4) 4

112. Rajkumar told Anand, “Yesterday I defeated the only brother of the daughter of my grandmother”, Whom did Rajkumar defeated?
1. Daughter
2. Granddaughter
3. Father
4. Grandson
(1) 1
(2) 2
(3) 3
(4) 4

113. Five members of a family. Rakesh, Mukesh. Roopesh. Vipul and Umesh take food in a definite order:
1. Umesh was next to first man.
2. Roopesh took food after the man who was before Vipul.
3. Rakesh was the last man to take food.
Then who were the first and last men to take food?
(A) Mukesh and Roopesh
(B) Roopesh and Rakesh
(C) Umesh and Mukesh
(D) Mukesh and Rakesh
(1) 1
(2) 2
(3) 3
(4) 4

114. If the following series is written in the reverse order and the alternate letters are deleted from it, then which letter will divide the new series In two equal parts?
(A) N
(B) P
(C) L
(D) M
(1) A
(2) B
(3) C
(4) D

115. If first-half of the following series is written in the reverse order, then which will be 7th letter to the left of 10th letter from your right?
(A) E (B) D (C) A (D) B
(1) A
(2) B
(3) C
(4) D

116. If the following words are arranged according to the dictionary order, then which word will come in the middle?
(A) Gunny
(B) Gunnery
(C) Gunmetal
(D) Gunpowder
(E) Gunplate
(1) A
(2) B
(3) C
(4) D

117. How many times in a day, are the hands of a clock in straight line but opposite in direction?
(1) 18
(2) 22
(3) 26
(4) 28

118. From Answer figures, find out the correct answer for Question figure (?) :

(1) A
(2) B
(3) C
(4) D

119. In a code CORNER is written as GSVRIV. How can CENTRAL be written in that code?
(1) 1
(2) 2
(3) 3
(4) 4

120. In the given figure, how many triangles are there?

(1) 9
(2) 12
(3) 10
(4) 11

121. Select the word nearest in meaning to the given word.
(1) Imitate
(2) Question
(3) Discuss
(4) Deny

122. Select the word nearest in meaning to the given word.
(1) Liberty
(2) Restlessness
(3) Tranquillity
(4) Anger

123. Select the word nearest in meaning to the given word.
(1) Calm
(2) Unconcerned
(3) Absolutely pure and complete
(4) Inferior

124. Select the word nearest in meaning to the given word.
(1) Introduce
(2) Insert
(3) Notice
(4) Overlook

125. Select the word opposite in meaning to the given word.
(1) Civil
(2) Rustic
(3) Domestic
(4) Rural

126. Select the word opposite in meaning to the given word .
(1) Real
(2) Huge
(3) Imaginary
(4) Clear

127. Select the word opposite in meaning to the given word.
(1) Intimate
(2) Personal
(3) Known
(4) Familiar

128. Select the word opposite in meaning to the given word.
(1) Open
(2) Release
(3) Bind
(4) Divide

129. Select the correct meaning of the given idiomatic expression.
Once in a blue moon
(1) Usually
(2) Incidentally
(3) Rarely
(4) Frequently

130. Select the correct meaning of the given idiomatic expression.
Face the music
(1) Face reality
(2) Run away
(3) Understand
(4) Forget the sorrow

131. Select the correct meaning of the given idiomatic expression.
To have sticky fingers
(1) To be a thief
(2) to get entangled
(3) To touch oily things
(4) To wet fingers

132. Select the correct meaning of the given idiomatic expression.
The Midas touch
(1) To lose money
(2) To give money
(3) to make money easily
(4) to borrow money

133. Select the right word to fill in the blank in the given sentence.
Ravi usually _____ on time.
(1) will arrive
(2) arrives
(3) could arrive
(4) could have

134. Select the right word to fill in the blank in the given sentence.
I wish I____ the answer.
(1) know
(2) have known
(3) had known
(4) knew

135. Select the right word to fill in the blank in the given sentence.
Kolkata is the most_____ city in India.
(1) populace
(2) populous
(3) populate
(4) populant

136. Select the right word to fill in the blank in the given sentence.
You have been surfing Internet_____ the last three hours,
(1) for
(2) since
(3) from
(4) right from

137. Choose the correct option to form the right sentence.
These scissors _______ sharpening.
(1) needs
(2) need
(3) does not
(4) are not

138. Choose the correct option to form the right sentence.
Mathematics_____ his strongest subject,
(1) were
(2) are
(3) is
(4) be

139. Choose the correct option to form the right sentence.
I have decided to sell _____ of my furniture.
(1) some
(2) several
(3) many
(4) numerous

140. Choose the correct option to form the right sentence.
Savita is two years older than____ brother.
(1) his
(2) her
(3) its
(4) their

141. Select the part of speech of the bold word in the given sentence.
Don’t run the bike so fast.
(1) Noun
(2) Verb
(3) Adverb
(4) Adjective

142. Select the part of speech of the bold word in the given sentence.
We took so many things but we forgot to take the mat.
(1) Noun
(2) Conjunction
(3) Adverb
(4) Adjective

143. Select the part of speech of the bold word in the given sentence.
My aunt gave me a precious gift.
(1) Noun
(2) Verb
(3) Adverb
(4) Adjective

144. Select the part of speech of the bold word in the given sentence.
He drives carefully.
(1) Noun
(2) Verb
(3) Adverb
(4) Adjective

145. Fill in the blank with the correct preposition.
My brother asked me to reach the station _____ 3.15 p.m.
(1) In
(2) On
(3) At
(4) Upon

146. Fill in the blank with the correct preposition.
Why are you afraid _____ John?
(1) Of
(2) From
(3) By
(4) at

147. Fill in the blank with the correct preposition.
Floor is made____ wheat.
(1) with
(2) of
(3) from
(4) by

148. Select the word which has been correctly spelt.
(1) Mobilty
(2) Publishar
(3) Grammar
(4) Familiarty

149. Select the word which has been correctly spelt.
(1) Appropriat
(2) Qotation
(3) Tolerence
(4) Vacuum

150. Select the word which has been correctly spelt.
(1) Existance
(2) Rehabitatian
(3) Decieve
(4) Receive

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