Jeevan Pramaan

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Jeevan Pramaan provides a big relief to all pensioners. A pensioner can now digitally provide Annual Life Certificate to the authorities for continuity of pension instead of presenting himself physically or through a Life Certificate issued by specified authorities every year.

Launched in Nov 2014, nearly 12 Lakhs pensioners have registered for Digital Life Certificate (DLC) in about a year. State Governments have also recognized the potential of Jeevan Pramaan and adopted the service.

In Jeevan Pramaan, a pensioner can digitally show that he or she is alive using his/her biometrics. Biometric devices are available in CSC’s, Bank branches, Pensioner associations, Govt. offices etc. Moreover, any citizen can also purchase a finger print scanner and do the identification from home. A typical finger print scanner currently costs around Rs. 2600 only and the prices are expected to come down in future.

Usefulness of Jeevan Pramaan will increase even further as the biometric authentication device gets integrated with mobile phones.