Aquifer mapping

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An aquifer is an underground layer of water-bearing rock, from which groundwater can be extracted.

During 2017-2022, an area of 14 lakh is targeted to be covered under aquifer mapping.

Advanced technologies like heli-borne geophysical surveys are being used for mapping in certain areas.

  • The mapping would assist in estimating the quantity and quality of ground water in an aquifer and would help in assessment of sustainable level of ground water extraction.
  • This would also help in making the Country climate change resilient.

Government of India has launched a project for Aquifer Mapping and Management (NAQUIM) of the 23 lakh mappable area of the Country. This mapping is being undertaken by Central Ground Water Board.

The final objective of the programme is to prepare Management Plans which will identify the recharge and other measures to replenish the declining trend of groundwater