8 Important Things for CLAT

8 Important Things For CLAT

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To be a champion, you have to see the big picture. It’s not about winning and losing; it’s about every day hard work and about thriving on a challenge. It’s about embracing the pain that you’ll experience at the end of a race and not being afraid.’

Like every other competitive exam, CLAT has a remarkably high demand. As we know a dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. The desire to get admission in one of the best NLUs is real and aspirants work exceptionally hard for it.

Here are 8 important points you should not miss while preparing for CLAT.

1) Understand the syllabus distribution:

This is the most important tip and yet the most common mistake made by the aspirants. Students tend to spend disproportionate amounts of time on Mathematics and Logical Reasoning. Thus, by solving tougher and tougher problems from a wide range of topics, they ignore the other sections.

Syllabus DLA

Syllabus DLA

The more important sections are those of Legal Aptitude and GK/Current Affairs. Those two put together are 50% of the paper. So, to understand the syllabus pattern and study smartly is one major task to nail. This should be the first step while preparing and should not be ignored. Half of the preparation gets sorted if you take this thing seriously.

2) Focus on Legal Aptitude:

Students should have a good hold over the fundamental tenets on which the laws are framed. Also be able to use logic skills to apply the given principles to the real circumstances. Students should know to use their theoretical and practical together in a given situation.

3) GK/Current Affairs:

You should definitely be covering the important awards each year – sports, science, literature and arts. You should have a good overview of Indian geography and history. And, you should be aware of the important happenings in the area of the Indian Constitution or Justice system. For Current Affairs, pick one or two reliable sources and religiously follow them. It is more systematic and helpful than reading randomly from a bunch of different sources.

Current Affairs DLA

Current Affairs DLA

4) Time Management:

Make sure you have a good study plan and you religiously follow it. It should not be very strict and not too casual also. It should be a little flexible. Make achievable plans. Do not be very harsh on yourself and line things up in a smooth manner.

Time Management DLA

Time Management DLA

5) Take Mock Tests:

Aim to finish at least 70% to 80% of the syllabus before starting the mocks. That’s the only way that you will receive any benefit from writing the test.

Test Series DLA

Test Series DLA

Look for a good online mock test series, and aim to write at least 6-8 mock papers before the actual exam. You have two hours for your actual CLA Exam. Keep yourself hooked to this time limit to prepare well and give you actual examination surrounding. Also, look for some sharp test series which will help you prepare really well.

6) Question Selection:

All questions carry equal marks and there are no sectional cutoffs in CLAT! So feel free to start from any section you are comfortable with, and if a question is taking too much time skip it and move ahead. In the end, if you have time, come back to it. So, make a wise decision in selecting the questions. The ones which you are sure about should be attempted first.

Question Selection DLA

Question Selection DLA

7) Do not neglect English:

Being strong in Reading Comprehension and basic grammar will take you a long way in the English section. Many students tend to ignore the section because they find it rather simple. This section is difficult and it is important that you are well-versed with the English language rules.

English DLA

English DLA

8) Analyze the Mock Performance:

It is very important to ruthlessly analyze your performance after each mock test. If you skip this step, your hard work is a waste as you will not be aware of your weak and strong points to concentrate or prepare accordingly for the exam. Finding your weak areas is very important so that you can work on it and can improve your score in the next mock.

Analyse Mock Test DLA

Analyze Mock Test DLA

We hope we have covered all the important points to be kept in mind while preparing for CLAT. I am sure these are going to help you. Do not forget to share your views in the comment section below.
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