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Delhi Law Academy Judicial Services Study Material
Delhi Law Academy now offers its famous Study Material and Notes for Judicial Services.
Useful for all State Judicial Service exams.
Each page of these Notes has been prepared by Madan Sir himself.
DLA’s Notes are far better than any other study material or textbooks available in the market.

Features of DLA’s Comprehensive Study Material


  • Concise and selective notes on all Law subjects
  • Summarized versions of all important Supreme Court and Privy Council cases
  • Additional material on English, GK and Current Affairs

Expertly Crafted

  • Each page of the notes has been created by Prof. Madan himself
  • Presentation in a fresh and unique style


  • The material has been condensed to save students their precious preparation time
  • Can be accessed 24×7 online or delivered to your doorstep in printed form


1.  Constitution of India – I
2.  Constitution of India – II
3.  Constitution of India – III
4.  Indian Penal Code – I
5.  Indian Penal Code – II
6.  Indian Penal Code – III
7.  Criminal Procedure Code – I
8.  Criminal Procedure Code – II
9.  Civil Procedure Code – I
10.  Civil Procedure Code – II
11. Indian Evidence Act – I
12.  Indian Evidence Act – II

13.  Limitation Act
14.  Indian Contract Act
15.  Specific Relief Act
16.  Indian Partnership Act
17.  English
18.  General Knowledge
19. Hindu Marriage Act
21. Current Affairs [Online]
22.  Past Papers [Online]
23. Essay Writing [Online]

The study material is available in two packs: Basic and Advanced. Both packs cover all the subjects listed above. However, the Advanced Pack is much more comprehensive, in as much as it contains more comments and more explanatory notes from our expert Prof Madan and a much larger number of Supreme Court and Privy Council judgments, each summarized in 2-5 pages.

Advanced Pack Content:

  • 1600 pages of study material covering all the listed subjects
  • Over 300 Supreme Court and Privy Council cases; each condensed into 2-5 pages by Prof. Madan himself
  • Simplified rendering of all important sections of all statutes
  • Prof. Madan’s expert comments on important sections of all statutes
  • Constitution fully updated, incorporating all Amendments, including the latest 101st Amendment Act of 2016 and the 123rd Amendment Bill of April 2017
  • IPC, CrPC and Evidence Act updated, incorporating all amendments made by the Criminal Laws Amendment Act of 2013, the Mental Healthcare Act of April 2017 and the Criminal Law Amendment Ordinance of April 2018

State Packs

State: Delhi Judicial Service
Additional Subjects:
Delhi Rent Control Act
Law of Torts
Law of Registration
Law of Arbitration [as amended in 2015]
Muslim Law
Sale of Goods Act
Negotiable Instruments Act [as amended in 2015]
Additional Cost (Rs): 3600

StateHaryana Judicial Service
Additional Subjects:
Haryana Urban (Control of Rent and Eviction) Act 1973
Punjab Courts Act 1918
Additional Cost (Rs): 900

StatePunjab Judicial Service
Additional Subjects:
East Punjab Rent Restriction Act 1949
Punjab Courts Act 1918
Additional Cost (Rs): 900

StateHimachal Pradesh Judicial Service
Additional Subjects:
Wildlife Protection Act 1972
Indian Forest Act 1927
Negotiable Instruments Act 1881
Himachal Pradesh Courts Act 1976
H.P. Urban Rent Control Act 1987
H.P. Excise Act 2011
Additional Cost (Rs): 3600

StateMadhya Pradesh Judicial Service
Additional Subjects:
MP Land Revenue Code 1959
MP Accommodation Control Act 1961
Additional Cost (Rs): 900

StateChattisgarh Judicial Service
Additional Subjects:
Chattisgarh Rent Control Act 2011
Additional Cost (Rs): 400

StateJammu & Kashmir Judicial Service
Additional Subjects:
Ranvir Penal Code Svt 1989
Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir 1956
J & K Right of Prior Purchase Act Svt 1993
Additional Cost (Rs): 3200

State: Rajasthan Judicial Service
Additional Subjects:
Rajasthan Land Revenue Act 1956
Rajasthan Tenancy Act 1955
Rajasthan Panchayati Raj Act 1994
Rajasthan Rent Control Act 2001
Rajasthan Court Fees & Suits Valuation Act 1961
Rajasthan Stamp Act 1998
Raj Agricultural Credit Operations Act 1974
Rajasthan Guaranteed Delivery of Public Services Act 2011
Rajasthan Right to Hearing Act 2012
Motor Vehicles Act 1988 (Chap X-XII)
Legal Services Authorities Act 1987
Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005
Negotiable Instruments Act (Chapter XVII)
Electricity Act 2003 (Chapter XIV)
Juvenile Justice Act 2015
Probation of Offenders Act 1958
SC & ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act 1989
Additional Cost (Rs): 7200

StateBihar Judicial Service
Additional Subjects:
Prevention of Corruption Act 1988
Negotiable Instruments Act 1881 (Chapter XVII)
Motor Vehicles Act 1988 (Chap X-XII)
Family Courts Act 1984
SC & ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act 1989
Additional Cost (Rs): 1600

StateJharkhand Judicial Service
Additional Subjects:
Jharkhand Rent Control Act 2000
Additional Cost (Rs): 400

State: Uttar Pradesh Judicial Service
Additional Subjects:
UP Zamindari Abolition and Land Reforms Act 1950
UP Consolidation of Holdings Act 1953
Additional Cost (Rs): 1100

Purchase Options


  • Basic Pack: Rs 15,990

  • Basic Pack + State Pack: Rs 15,990 + State Pack Cost

  • Basic Pack + Test Series: Rs 18,990

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  • Advanced Pack: Rs 21,990

  • Advanced Pack + State Pack: Rs 21,990 + State Pack Cost

  • Advanced Pack + Test Series: Rs 24,990

  • Advanced Pack + Jurisprudence: Rs 24,990

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, these Notes have been developed keeping in mind the common Judicial portion of all State Judicial Service exams.
Please note: Though the Basic or the Advanced pack does not cover state-specific Laws, but we are making them available separately in different State packs.
With the Online package, you will receive access to the study material online. You will be able to access it like a textbook through your web browser anytime you want, 24×7.

With the Postal Package, in addition to the above we will also send the same notes to your home in printed form.

No, the notes cannot be downloaded. They can be read on a phone, PC or tablet – any device with internet access. They are available to read 24×7.
Your purchase will be valid for 1 year in the case of the online notes.
The only facility needed is an internet connection.
Yes, very secure. We have tied up with a payment provider that uses 128-bit encryption to make the transactions highly failsafe.
DLA’s notes are far better than any study material or textbooks available in the market.

  • Prof Madan, an award-winning teacher, has spent hours upon hours going through the various material currently available and distilling it down to the essence that the student needs to understand
  • Further, the language used is simplified and can be easily understood – making the focus on the subject rather than on the English used
  • Various Cases and current Judgments are included to make sure that your understanding is as current as possible
The notes cover the entire common portion needed to prepare for any State Judicial Service exam. It covers what is asked in both the Prelim and Main exam. In addition, some amount of material on English and GK is also provided.
Please note: State specific Laws and Acts are NOT covered. Neither are State languages covered.
Your purchase will be valid for 1 year in the case of the online notes.
The only facility needed is an internet connection.
You will receive an email from us within 1 business day giving you all the details needed (login, password etc) to access the study material.

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