Odisha Judicial Service Civil Judge – Jurisprudence – 2013

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Odisha Judicial Service Civil Judge – Jurisprudence – 2012 Question Paper

Total marks – 150 Duration – 3 hours


1. “Like should be treated alike and not that unlike should be treated like.” Elaborate the concept of equality in the background of the statement.

2. Examine different facets of right to life and liberty. Cite recent case laws.

3. How independent is Indian Judiciary ? Examine the factors which seek to protect the . independence of judiciary.

4. Trace the development of ‘basic structure’ theory. Is it a limitation on the amending power of the Parliament ? Examine.

5. The emergency provisions are the merit of the Constitution for strict application of federal principles of the Constitution.’ Discuss.

6. Discuss the pardoning powers of the President. Is it subject to judicial review ? Cite cases.

Section – B

7. Make a comparison of precedent and legislation as sources of Law. Which, according to you, is the effective source and why ?

8. Evaluate the contributions of HLA Hart to Analytical Jurisprudence.

9. Examine the concept of ‘Rights’ in its wider sense of the term as propounded by Hofeld.

10. Who are Legal Persons ? Examine the legal status of‘ Dead Person’ and ‘Animal’.

11. Define ‘Property’. Discuss various kinds of property.

12. Examine the characteristics of‘ Ownership’. Add a critical note on difference between ‘Ownership’ and ‘Possession’.

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