Arunachal Pradesh Grade – I 2013- Paper – I Question Paper

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Arunachal Pradesh Grade – I 2013- Paper – I Question Paper

Total marks – 100 Duration – 3 hours

1. Write an essay on
“White collar crimes”
“Tourism Potencial in Arunachal Pradesh”

2. (a) Read the following passage and write a précis (Maximum 60 Words).
(b) Give a Title to the Précis and briefly justify the title in 3/4 sentences.
(c) Indicate the number of words used by you in writing the précis
“The crown and glory of life is character. It is the noblest possession of a man, constituting a rank in itself. An estate in the general goodwill dignifying every station and exalting every position in society. It exercises greater power than wealth, and secures all the honour without the jealousness of fame. It carries with it an influence without the jealousness of fame. It carries with it an influence which always tells, for it is result of proved honour, rectitude and consistency — qualities which perhaps more than any other, command the general confidence and respect of mankind character is human nature in its best form. It is the moral order embodied in the individual. Men of character are not only the conscience of society but in every well-governed state, they are its best motive power, for it is moral qualities in the man which rule the world. Even in war Napoleon said, “The moral is to the physical is ten to one”

3. Write a few lines on your favourite Book or Author 10
4. Write a letter to the Editor of a local newspaper expressing your resentment on the
pollution problems faced by you.
5. Write on a famous Lawyer of the Country.

6. Each of the following words is followed by 4 words, one of which is its opposite in meaning. Specify the word which you find most nearly opposite in meaning.

6.1 Attract
(a) differ (b) deny (c) repel (d) exit
6.2 Inferior (b) superior (c) senior (d) narrow
(a) shame (b) polite (c) sinner (d) rough
6.3 Saint
(a) complex (b) foreign (c) villain (d) spendthrift
6.4 Miser
(a) spiritual (b) sink (c) empty (d) follow
6. 5 Float
(a) loose (b) sink (c) Empty (d) follow

7. In the following test, fill up the blanks with the most suitable words.

7.1 His path was beset difficulties.
(a) with (b) within (c) among (d) by
7.2 I have resigned myself my fate
(a) at (b) with (c) on (d) to
7.3 What do you make all this ?
(a) with (b) of (C) by (d) for
7.4 He plays cricket hockey
(a) besides (b) within (c) after (d) besides
7.5 I am tired___ writing to him
(a) with (b) of (c) by

8. Find the wrongly spelt word in each of the following questions.

(a) abdomen (b) ability (c) ablaze (d) abuse
(a) balconey (b) balance (c) balloon (d) bald
(a) beaker (b) beam (c) beard (d) beareable
(a) condition (b) conditional (c) conclude (d) condense
(a) addition (b) address (c) addmission (d) advise

9. Choose from the alternatives provided a synonym for each of the words given below:
9.1 Grief
(a) cheerful (b) happy (c) sorrow (d) injury
9.2 Generous
(a) friendly (b) liberal (c) cordial (d) graceful
9.3 Quarrel
(a) rough (b) secure (c) dispute (d) grief
9.4 Shelter
(a) cover (b) secure (c) repose (d) pity
9.5 Worship
(a) yield (b) retain (c) adoration (d) differ

10. Each of the following sentences or phrases is followed by five alternatives one of which best describes in brief the meaning of the sentence or phrase. Indicate the correct one.
10.1 Free from germs –
(a) Ingenious (b) Temporary (c) Tertiary (d) Sanitary (e) Clean
10.2 Pleasant light wind –
(a) Gale (b) Breeze (c) Blizzard (d) Tycoon (e) Draft
10.3 An offer to buy –
(a) Bud (b) Brew (c) Buzz (d) Bid (e) Assess
10.4 To breathe quickly –
(a) Gasp (b) Pant (c) Grasp (d) Heave (e) Gush
To cut boldly and carelessly –
(a) Slay (b) Slake (c) Snuff (d) Slash (e) Slide

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