Arunachal Pradesh Judicial Service Grade – III 2013 – GK

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Arunachal Pradesh Grade – III 2013- GK Question Paper

Total marks – 100 Duration – 3 hours

1. Write on any two of the following topics. (2 x 20 = 40 Marks)
(i) Tourism in Arunachal Pradesh.
(ii) Freedom of Press.
(hi) Lokpal.
(iv) India of my dream.

II. Give the correct answer from the choices given below (Do not write the question) 20×1 1=30

1. India’s largest commercial bank is
(a) Central Bank of India
(b) State Bank of India
(c) Indian Overseas Bank
(d) Bank of India

2. Nobel Prizes are distributed annually at
(a) New York (b) Geneva (c) Stockholm (d) Rome

3. SAARC stands for
(a) South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation
(b) South American Association of Regional Cooperation
(c) South Asian Agricultural Regional Council
(d) South African Association of Regional Cooperation

4. ‘Onam’ is the famous festival of which among the following states –
(a) Orissa (b) Kerala (c) Assam (d) Punjab

5. The ancient name of which Indian city was Pragjyotishpur-
(a) Chandigarh (b) Amristsar (c) Chennai (d) Guwahati

6. The prsent chief Justice of the Gauhati High Court is ___
(a) Madan B. Lokur (b) Ranjan Gogoi (c) Adarsh Kumar Goel (d) J. Chelameswar

7. Who is the odd man out ___
(a) Balram Jakhar (b) P.A. Sangma (c) Meira Kumar (d) Chandra Shekhar

8. Provisions relating to Panchayats were inserted in the Constitution of India by die —
(a) Forty second amendment (b) Seventy third amendment
(c) Eighty fifth amendment (d) None of the above

9. Who is the highest law officer of a state ?
(a) Attorney General (b) Advocate General
(c) Solicitor General (d) Law Secretary

10. What is the name given to India’s Lunar mission ?
(a) Kalpana II (b) Insat-V
(c) Chandrayan-I (d) Vikram-I

11. Horticulture is the —
(a) Study of birds (b) Breeding and rearing of fish
(c) Practice of garden cultivation (d) Study of flowers

12. One feature is common to the following bodies, find it out.
Supreme Court, Election Commission, UPSC and Office of CAG
(a) They are advisory bodies
(b) They are controlled by Parliament.
(c) They are constitutional bodies.
(d) None of the above.

13. What is the chemical name of vinegar?
(a) citric acid (b) Acetic acid (c) Pyruvic acid (d) Malic acid

14. What is the minimum number of partners required to establish a partnership firm?
(a) 4 (b) 5 (c) 3 (d) 2

15. Krishna Poonia is a
(a) Shooter (b) Discus thrower (c) Boxer (d) Weight lifter

16. The “Arya Samaj” was founded by
(a) Swami Dayanand Saraswati (b) Swami Vivekananda
(c) Keshab Chandra Sen (d) Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar

17. Which of the following is called a “Cash Crop” ?
(a) Wheat (b) Paddy (c) Jowar (d) Sugarcane

18. Gagan Narang, a Khel Ratna Winner, is a famous
(a) Footballer (b) Badminton Player
(c) Boxer (d) Air Rifle Shooter

19. Which of the following is the largest living bird ?
(a) Eagle (b) Peacock
(c) Ostrich (d) Kiwi

20. Prof Mohammad Yunus is renowned in which of the following areas?
(a) International Economics
(b) Development Economics
(c) Human Rights
(d) Micro Finance Concept

III. Answer the following questions

1. A man starts from a point, walks 2 km towards North, turns towards his right and walks 2 km, turns right again and walks. What is the direction now he is facing ?
(1) South (2) South-East (3) North (4) West

2. If you are eleventh in a queue starting either end, how many are there in the queue ?
(1) Eleven (2) Twenty (3) Twenty one (4) Twenty two

3. Raja is 3 years older than his wife Laxmi and 4 times as old as his son Raju. If Raju becomes 15 years old after 3 years, what is the present age of Laxmi ?
(1) 60 years (2) 51 years (3) 48 years (4) 45 years

4. M is the son of P. Q is the granddaughter of O who is the husband of P. How is M related to O?
(1) Son (2) Daughter (3) Mother (4) Father

IV. Match the following or re-arrange the following in the correct order.

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