Arunachal Pradesh Grade – II 2013- Paper – I Question Paper

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Arunachal Pradesh Grade – II 2013- Paper – I Question Paper

Total marks – 100 Duration – 3 hours

1. Write an essay on:
“Using Computer in Court work”
“Promoting tourism in Arunachal Pradesh”.

2. (a) Read the following passage and write a precis (Maximum 40 Words).
(b) Give a Title to the Precis and briefly justify the title in 2/3 sentences.
(c) Indicate the number of words used by you in writing the precise.
It was these wars which for the first time, create rules in the world. Sol long as a tribe went hunting in peace-time there was no need for a chief or a king or a ruler of any kind. There was perfect equality and democracy. Custom was the only law and the public opinion of
the tribe saw to it that custom was respected. When the tribes began to poach on-one another’s hunting and fishing ground, however, the opportunity was provide by the ensuing
battle for a leader to arise. It is thus was that creates dictators and dictators who in turn
cause war.” (107 words)

3. Write a few lines on harmful effects of smoking (10 Marks)
4. Write a letter to the Editor of a local newspaper on escalating incidence of road accidents and suggest remedial measure. You are a resident of Civil lines, Nagpur and write as Suresh/Sunita. (10 Marks)
5. Write on your favourite sports. (10 Marks)

6. In these tests alternative meanings are given to certain words in italics. Out of these only one meaning is correct. You are required to choose the correct meaning. (5×1=5 Marks)

6.1. The case is not amenable to ordinary rules
(a) applicable
(b) able to be tested or dealt with
(c) capable of being interpreted
(d) contradictory.

6.2. The medicine was aperient.
(a) bitter
(b) sweet in taste
(c) causing vomiting
(d) laxative

6.3. People, who hold very unorthodox views, are sometime ostracized.
(a) hated
(b) shut out from society
(c) criticized
(d) applauded by majority of people

6.4. The horse suddenly went berserk.
(a) on a galloping spfeed.
(b) broke away from carriage
(c) became suddenly violent.
(d) began to kick back

6.5. He adopted a recalcitrant attitude all along,
(a) conciliatory
(b) obstinate in opposition
(c) sympathetic
(d) courteous

7. Each of the following word is followed by five words one of which is its meaning. Mark the word which you find most nearly opposite in meaning.

7.1 Fetid
(a) Easily enraged (b) Reduced to skin and. bones (b) Pungent (d) Tusk (e) Having a pleasing odor

7.2 Mendacious
(a) Truthful (b) Destructive (c) Credible (d) Credulous (e) Brilliant

7.3 Camaraderie
(a) Plunder (b) Harmony (c) Deviation (d) Noise (e) Gfee

7.4 Discrete
(a) Crude (b) .. Joking (c) Antisocial (d) Grouped (e) Orderly

7.5 Endemic
(a) Dry (b) Universal (c) Decorative (d) Infectious (e) Contagious

8. In the following test, you should choose the one word whose meaning closest to the given word.

8.1 Genesis
(a) Learned (b) Prenatal (c) Common (d) Beginning (e) Bind

8.2 Excess
(a) debased (b) Surplus (c) Frugality (d) Inflicting (e) Extempqre

8.3 Fickle
(a) Festive (b) False (c) Womanish(d) Capricious (e) Furious

8.4 Generous
(a) Receptive (b) Liberal (c) Niggardly (d) Penurious (e) Talented

8.5 Culinary
(a) Greasy (b) Pertaining to Kitchen (c) Municipal (d) Food (e) Pertaining to Taste

9. Each of the following sentences or phrases is followed by five alternatives one of which best describes in brief the meaning of the sentence or phrase. Indicate the correct ne.

9.1 A number of stars grouped together—
(a) Congregation (b) Conscription (c) Constellation (d) Delectation (E) Cluster

9.2 A place where birds are kept—
(a) Apiary (b) Aquarium (c) Aviary (d) Hive (e) Igloo

9.3 A disease which spread through air and water—
(a) Epidemic (b) Plague (c) Endemic (d) Infectious (e) Cancerous

9.4 Persons living at the same time –
(a) Companion (b) Contemporaries (c) Simultaneous (d) Correlatives (e) Congenital

9.5 A person, plant or animal who is below the usual size —
(a) Tiny (b) Pigmy (c) Abnormal (d) Dwarf (e) Stunted

10. Five alternative words are given. Find out which one of them would make the sentence correct and meaningful.
10.1 Varun cannot pass the examination _______ hard he may study.
(a) Whatever (b) Whatsoever (c) Even though (d) However (e) Moreover.

10.2 As an upright person whether it is pleasant or unpleasant, I, will ______ speak the truth
(a) Seldom (b) never (c) sometimes (d) Always (e) Now.

10.3 He does, not mind parting _______ his things for the sake of others.
(a) Away (b) From (c) With (d) Off (e) Through.

10.4 Are you familiar any European language ?
(a) At (b) To. (c) From (d) With (e) By.

10.5 The moment _______ is lost of ever
(a) That (b) Which (c) What (d) When (e) Who

11. Find the wrongly spelt word in each of the following questions.

11.1 (a) Differed (b) Suffered (c) Offered (d) Reffered
11.2 (a) Passion (b) Fashion (c) Ration (d) Tution
11.3 (a) Formulate (b) Framidable (c) Foman (d) Format
11.4 (a) Collision (b) Superstition (c) Conversation (d) Humilation
11.5 (a) Refuse (b) Repute (c) Despute (d) Confuse

12. Each of the following sentences has to be phrased according to the directions which follow it. Four words or phrases lettered A, B, C & D are given below each sentence and its directions given in several ways, but you should try to rephrase the sentence in such a way that it includes one of the given alternative phrases A, B, C & D. The meaning of the sentence must remain the same or most nearly the same after rephrasing. If more than one good rephrased sentence can be made in conformity with the direction, select the one that is the most exact and natural in phrasing and construction. Then answer the correct word of phrase.

12.1 The water is too cold for him to drink.
Remove ‘too’
(a) very cold.
(b) so cold.
(c) cold beyond limit
(d) out and out cold

12.2 He is still asleep, although he has already slept for ten hours.
Remove ‘although’
(a) besides.
(b) Inspite of
(c) Notwithstanding that
(d) If that.

12.3 No sooner did the aircraft carrying the President land than the people waiting at the airport shouted :’Long live Indo-American friendship.’
Substitute ‘when’ for ‘than’
(a) As soon as
-(b) Immediately as
(c) Scarcely . •
(d) Notwithstanding

12.4 Besides robbing the poor old woman, he also murdered her.
Remove ‘besides’
(a) Except for the fact
(b) Despite the fact
(c) Inspite of
(d) Not only.

12.5. He would be here today, were he not sick.
Use ‘but’ as the preposition.
(a) that he is sick
(b) despite the fact
(c) ipspite of
(d) faking it for granted.

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