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DU LL.B. 2010 Question Paper

Time: 2 hours Total Marks: 700

1.Which organization shifted some of its operations from mainland China to Hong Kong in March 2010, due to censorship issues?
(a) Microsoft                                      
(b) Google
(c) Dell                                                           
(d) Wipro

2. The word “economics” is derived from which Greek word?
(a) Oikos                                     
(b) Oeconomicus
(c)  Ekklesiastikos                                    
(d) Oikonomia

3. Which of the following is primarily a digital book reader?
(a)  Apple I-Pod                            
(b)  Sandisk Sansa
(c)  Amazon Kindle                      
(d)  Nokia N95

4. Who is the author of “The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money” (1936)?
(a) Milton Friedman                    
(b) John Maynard Keynes
(c) Adam Smith                            
(d) Thomas Friedman

5. Goods that are used in production of other goods and services are called:
(a) Capital goods                         
(b) Consumer goods
(c) Homogenous goods              
(d) Consumable goods

Which among the following storage media has the maximum storage capacity?
(a) Digital Video Disc (DVD)     
(b) Compact Disc (CD)
(c) Vinyl Record                          
(d) Blu Ray Disc

7. Around which year did the Persian scholar Al-Beruni visited India?
(a) 1220 AD                                
(b) 1000 AD
(c) 1030 AD                                
(d) 1347 AD

Who was the last ruler of the Aztec Empire of Mexico?
(a) Montezuma II                         
(b) Cuauhtemoc
(c) Hernan Cortes                                   
(d) Quetzalcoatl

9. A firm is an oligopolistic industry if:
(a) it is run by members of the same family.
(b) it considers the actions of competitors when determining its pricing policy.
(c) it produces a product identical to the products produced by its rivals.
(d) it controls the pricing and promotion policy of the market.

10. The title of “Vikramaditya” was assumed by:
(a) Chandragupta II                      
(b) Kanishka
(c) Samudragupta                         
(d) Harshavardhana

11. Which of the following rulers is considered as a contemporary of the poet, Tulsidas?
(a) SherShahSuri                          
(b) Shahjahan
(c) Babur                                      
(d) Akbar

12. Which of the following movie was based on a video game?
(a) Chronicles of Riddick            
(b) Max Payne
(c) Spiderman 2                           
(d) James Bond 007: All or Nothing

13. The British East India Company was formally dissolved by an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, called:
(a) East India Merger & Acquisition Act             
(b) Government of India Act
(c) East India Stock Dividend Redemption Act  
(d) Companies Act

. What is the latest client operating system for PC from Microsoft as of March, 2010 called?
(a) Windows 7                            
(b) Windows CE
(c) Windows Server 2008                       
(d) Windows Vista

‘Bay of Pigs’ refers to:
(a) Slaughter of pigs in Egypt, in an attempt to prevent outbreak of swine flu
(b) Argentine invasion and occupation of the Falkland Islands leading to the Falklands War
(c) Unsuccessful attempt by United States’ backed Cuban exiles to overthrow the
government of the Cuban premier, Fidel Castro
(d) The combined territorial waters of four countries of southern Europe: Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain

16. What does a phillumenist collect?
(a) Candles                                  
(b) Matchboxes
(c) Newspapers                           
(d) Light bulbs

17. In Roman Catholic Church, what is the title given to a person who is appointed to oppose a candidate’s claim for canonization?
(a) Church Defendant                 
(b) Hell’s Angel
(c) Church Prosecutor                
(d) Devil’s Advocate

18. What is the Commonwealth Games, 2010 mascot called?
(a) Sheai                                       
(b) Shera
(c) Cheetah                                 
(d) Jigrr

19. Which of the following is not considered a component of microeconomics?
(a) Demand                                 
(b) Supply
(c) Market equilibrium                
(d) Rate of inflation

20. Which of the following has developed the software platform, Maemo?
(a) Nokia                                     
(b) Dell
(c) Microsoft                               
(d) Sony

21. What is the title of the film documenting Michael Jackson’s preparations for his scheduled 2009-10 concert series?
(a) I’ll Be There                                  
(b) Thriller
(c) This is It                                 
(d) Heal the World

22. Who, among the following, was referred to as the ‘Mozart of Madras’ by the Time magazine?
(a) Ilayaraja                                  
(b) A. R. Rahman
(c) Santha P. Nair                        
(d) S. P. Balasubrahmanyam

What is the name of the web browser developed by Google Inc?
(a) Chrome                                  
(b) Safari
(c) Firefox                                               
(d) Mozilla

24. Who is the present Chief of Army Staff?
(a) Deepak Kapoor                     
(b) P. V. Naik
(c) V. K. Singh                             
(d) Nirmal Kumar Verma

At which position did the Indian hockey team finish, in the 2010 Men’s Hockey World Cup held at Delhi?
(a) Ninth                                      
(b) Tenth
(c) Seventh                                  
(d) Eighth

26. Venkatraman Ramakrishnan was awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for:
(a) studies of the structure and function of the ribosome
(b) studies of the structure and function of the chromosome
(c) studies of chemical processes on solid surfaces
(d) studies of the structure and function of DNA

Which ad-agency was associated with the creation of animated creatures, ‘Zoozoo’, for promotion of Vodafone’s services?

(a) FCB-Ulka Advertising Ltd.                 
(b) Ogilvy & Mather Ltd.
(c) Mudra Communications Ltd.             
(d) Percept Advertising Ltd.

By which controversial instrument did the (then) President of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf, grant powers to the Government to withdraw prosecution against politicians accused of various crimes, ostensibly to end their political victimization?
(a) National Reconciliation Ordinance
(b) National Coalition to Protect Political Freedom
(c) President’s power to grant pardon, Article 45 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan
(d) Universal Declaration of Human Rights

29. Which instrument aboard the Chandrayaan-1 detected the presence of water on the moon’s surface?
(a) Hydrophilic Receptor                        
(b) Moon Mineralogy Mapper
(c) Radiation Dose Monitor                   
(d) X-ray Spectrometer

30. What is Satyam Computer Services Ltd. known as, since its takeover?
(a) TCS Satyam                            
(b) Infosys Satyam
(c) Wipro Satyam                                    
(d) Mahindra Satyam

31. Where was Christ born, according to the Gospels of Mathew and Luke?
(a) Jordan                                     
(b) Nazareth
(c) Bethlehem                              
(d) Jerusalem

32. A campaign launched in April, 2010, with a view to clean the river Ganges has been named as:
(a) Sparsh Ganga                         
(b) Niramal Ganga
(c) Pavitra Ganga                         
(d) Swargashram Ganga

Who created the cartoon character Tintin?
(a) Bill Watterson                                   
(b) John Calvin
(c) Charles M. Schulz                  
(d) Herge

34. Which two water bodies does the Panama Canal link?
(a) Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea
(b) Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean
(c) Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean
(d) Pacific Ocean and Arctic Ocean

Which of the following has NASA proposed to ‘retire from service’ by the end of the year, 2010?
(a) Ares I and Ares V
(b) Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavor
(c) International Space Center
(d) All of the above

36. The speed of light in vacuum may be expressed in Mach numbers as, approximately:
(a) Mach 90                                 
(b) Mach 9,000
(c) Mach 9,00,000                       
(d) Mach 90,000,000

37. Where would be zero degrees latitude and zero degrees longitude located?
(a) Atlantic Ocean                                   
(b) Sahara desert
(c) North Pole                             
(d) South Pole

38. In the Rime of the Ancient Mariner, who does the mariner stop to recite his story?
(a) Doctor hastening to a medical , emergency
(b) Nobleman going to the House of Lords
(c) Guest on his way to a wedding
(d) Sailor returning to his ship

39. Which part of human body is completely devoid of blood supply?
(a) Brain                                       
(b) Cornea
(c) Intestine                                 
(d) Thyroid

Under what capacity is Hillary Clinton serving in the administration of President Barack Obama?
(a) Secretary of State                   
(b) Senator for New York
(c) Defense Secretary                 
(d) Secretary for External Affairs

41. Safdar Hashmi was associated with:
(a) Painting                                  
(b) Journalism
(c) Street theatre                         
(d) Higher education

Which country is estimated to have the third largest population in the world?
(a) Pakistan                                  
(b) Bangladesh
(c) Indonesia                                
(d) United States of America

In which sport is a ‘sand-iron’ used?
(a) Hockey                                              
(b) \Wrestling
(c) Golf                                        
(d) Beach Volleyball

44. The Abel Prize is awarded in the field of:
(a) Biology                                               
(b) Economics
(c) Geography                             
(d) Mathematics

45. Which of the following aircraft’s primary role is very high-altitude reconnaissance?
(a) Lockheed U-2                        
(b) F-117 Nighthawk
(c) F-22 Raptor                            
(d) F-35 Lightning II

46. The Census of India, 2011, commenced on the 1st April 2010 is:
(a) 30th                                        
(b) 25th
(c) 20th                                        
(d) 15th

47. Which music band recently won a court battle against EMI that may force the latter to stop selling the band’s individual songs as downloads?
(a) Queen                                    
(b) Abba
(c) Pink Floyd                              
(d) Guns & Roses

How many public sector enterprises have been conferred the status of Navratna by the Government of India, as of November, 2009?
(a) Nine                                       
(b) Twelve
(c) Twenty Seven                        
(d) Eighteen

49. Which of the following awards is focused towards television?
(a) Academy Awards                   
(b) Emmy Awards
(c) Golden Globe Awards                      
(d) Grammy Awards

50. In which movie did Toby Stephens play the role of Captain William Gordon?
(a) The Rising-Mangal Pandey     
(b) Rang De Basanti
(c) Veer                                       
(d) Shatranj Ke Khiladi

51.Who wrote the the poem, Gunga Din?
(a) Rabindra Nath Tagore                       
(b) T. S. Eliot
(c) Rudyard Kipling                     
(d) Mulk Raj Anand

52. What was the name of the rocket powered aircraft which completed first privately funded human spaceflight?
(a) X-15                                       
(b) Space Ship One
(c) Space Ship Alpha                    
(d) Space Odyssey One

53. Which Indian scientist’s article was translated to German by Albert Einstein and submitted on his behalf to the Zeitschrift fur Physik?
(a) Satyendra Nath Bose             
(b) Homi Jehangir Bhabha
(c) Jagdish Chandra Bose            
(d) Vikram Sarabhai

54. What is the main activity of the ‘Institute for Works of Religion’ at Vatican City?
(a) Restoring old religious relics            
(b) Banking
(c) Spreading religious information        
(d) Religious education

Who was referred to as the ‘Godfather of World Music’ by the Beatles guitarist George Harrison?
(a) Ustad Amjad Ali Khan                                   
(b) Ustad Ghulam Ali Khan
(c) Pandit Kumar Gandharva                   
(d) Pandit Ravi Shankar

Which is the only United States’ Naval Base that is located in a country with which the United States has no diplomatic relations?
(a) Guantanamo Bay Naval Base             
(b) U.S. Fleet Activities Yokosuka
(c) Naval Air Station Sigonella                
(d) Naval Station Rota

57. Which state is known as the Spice Garden of India?
(a) Jammu & Kashmir                              
(b) Punjab
(c) Kerala                                                
(d) Uttar Pradesh

58. The mascot adopted in a campaign to raise civic awareness in Delhi, in the run up to the 2010 Commonwealth games has been named:
(a) Delhi Ki Beti                          
(b) Shera
(c) Delhi Ki Shaan                                   
(d) None of the above

Which annual fair in Rajasthan is famous for its camel trading?
(a) Surajlaind Mela                      
(b) Kumbh Mela
(c) Urs                                         
(d) Pushkar Mela

Which city was described by Jawahar Lal Nehru as the ‘Oxford of the East’?
(a) Colombo                                
(b) Shanghai
(c) Pune                                       
(d) Banaras

61. Chilly pepper and tobacco were introduced in India by the:
(a) Portuguese                             
(b) British
(c) Spanish                                   
(d) French

Which of the following countries is to host the 2011 World Robot Olympiad?
(a) China                                      
(b) United States of America
(c) Israel                                      
(d) United Arab Emirates

63. ‘Durand Line’ is the border separating:
(a) India and Pakistan                  
(b) Pakistan and Afghanistan
(c) Pakistan and Nepal                
(d) India and Nepal

64. Which country is known as the ‘Land of Cakes’?
(a) England                                         
(b) Belgium
(c) Scotland                                 
(d) France

Who, along with Shane Bond, was the highest bid player in the auction leading to 2010 edition of the Indian Premier League cricket tournament?
(a) Kieron Pollard                                   
(b) Kevin Pietersen
(c) Sachin Tendulkar                   
(d) Wayne Parnell

Aspirin is a common name for:
(a) Propanolol                             
(b) Acetylsalicylic Acid
(c) Neomycin Sulfate                  
(d) A combination of all the above

Who is the Chief Justice of India?
(a) Justice K. G. Balakrishnan     
(b) Justice Altamas Kabir
(c) Justice P. Sathasivam              
(d) Justice S. H. Kapadia

According to latest surveys, the population of tigers in India has been reported to have dwindled to approximately:
(a) 3642                                       
(b) 1411
(c) 1165                                       
(d) 1657

Which Taliban leader, implicated in the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, was reportedly killed in a 2009 strike by a United States’ Predator drone:
(a) Baitullah Mehsud                   
(b) Omar Saeed Sheikh
(c) Wali-ur-Rehman                    
(d) Mullah Mohammed Omar

70. Who is the present Union Minister for Human Resource Development?
(a) Dr. Veerappa Moily               
(b) Shri Kapil Sibal
(c) Shri Arjun Singh                     
(d) Dr. M. M. Joshi

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71. Who was awarded the 19th Saraswati Sarnman for 2009?
(a) VijayTendulkar                      
(b) Amitabh Bacchan
(c) Sunil Gangopadhyay               
(d) Surjit Patar

72. Who is the Chairman of the Bar Council of India?
(a) Shri Gopal Subramanium       
(b) Shri Ram Jethmalani
(c) Shri P. P. Rao                         
(d) Shri N. R. Madhava Menon

73. In March this year, a city/town declared spitting of Paan (Betel leaf) as illegal, inviting fines for criminal damage. Where is this city located?
(a) Uttar Pradesh                                
(b) Maharashtra
(c) Ottawa                                   
(d) London

74. The Delhi Technological University was formerly known as the:
(a) LIT., Delhi                                          
(b) Aryabhat Polytechnic, Delhi
(c) Delhi College of Engineering            
(d) Indraprastha University

75. The Gulf separating Finland and Sweden is known as the:
(a) Gulf of Bothnia                                  
(b) Gulf of Lions
(c) Gulf of Genoa                                    
(d) Gulf of Venice

76. Groundwater confined between two impermeable layers is called:
(a) Artesian well                                     
(b) Artesian
(c) Trapper water                                               
(d) Artisan

77. Which of the following is a country located in the continent of Europe?
(a) Libya                                       
(b) Venezuela
(c) Algeria                                               
(d) Albania

78. Which is the oldest mountain range in India?
(a) Satpura                                   
(b) Aravali
(c) Vindhya                                  
(d) Himalaya

79. Nephrons are a part of human:
(a) Nervous System                     
(b) Respiratoiy System
(c) Excretory System                   
(d) Endocrine System

80. Which of the following about BT Brinjal developed by Monsanto and Mahyco is incorrect?
(a) It requires more fertilizer than ordinary Brinjal plant.
(b) It is a transgenic variety of Brinjal.
(c) It contains genes from the soil bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis.
(d) It is claimed to have higher resistance against pests.

81. In a eukaryotic cell, DNA may be stored in:
(a) Nucleus                                  
(b) Mitochondria
(c) Chloroplast                            
(d) All of the above

82. Which car maker announced the recall of nearly 100,000 units of its recently launched hatchback models citing fuel tank problems?
(a) Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.         
(b) Hyundai Motors India Ltd.
(c) General Motors Corporation           
(d) Chevrolet

83. The body of a shark has no:
(a) Gills                                        
(b) Liver
(c) Bones                                     
(d) Fins

84. Who is associated with the remark, “the law, in its majestic equality, forbids rich and poor alike to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal their bread”?
(a) Anatole France                      
(b) Glanville Williams
(c) Charles Dickens                    
(d) Victor Hugo

85. Which Bill, reportedly laying down a code of conduct for judges of the higher judiciary was referred to a Group of Ministers for scrutiny in March 2010?
(a) The Supreme Court (Number of Judges) Amendment Bill
(b) Judges (Inquiry) Bill
(c) Judges (Declaration of Assets and Liabilities) Bill
(d) Judicial Standards and Accountability Bill

86. An observer in a leading national daily remarked the passage of Women’s Reservation Bill through Rajya Sabha as a bipartisan consensus and an extraordinary act of political selflessness whereby a particular party put the interests of the nation above its own. In terms of numbers, how many members voted in favour and against the Bill, respectively?
(a) 245 to None
(b) 186 to 1
(c) 232 to 1
(d) The entire strength of 233 members voted in favour

87. Interpreting Articles 72 and 161 of the Constitution of India in relation to a criminal statute, a Bench of the Supreme Court of India, headed by the Chief Justice of India, has, in a judgment dated 22.03.2010 held that:
(a)  The clemency power of the Executive is absolute, remains unfettered and cannot be restricted by the provisions of a Statute.
(b)  Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, insofar as it criminalizes consensual sexual acts of adults in private is violative of the Constitution of India.
(c)  Once possession is established, the person who claims that it was not a conscious possession has to establish it.
(d)  Both (a) and (c)

88. In India, making a direct marketing telephone call, which a person has opted not to receive, is prohibited under:
(a) Unsolicited Direct Marketing Act
(b) Unsolicited Communications Regulations
(c) Telecom Unsolicited Commercial Communications Regulations
(d) Telecom Unsolicited Commercial Calls Regulations

89. Under the Indian Penal Code, an act may be an offence under the Code, but for the existence of a justification which may form a defence. Which of the following is not such a defence?
(a) Act done by a child under seven years of age
(b) Act done by a person of unsound mind
(c) Act done by a child of immature understanding, above seven years and under twelve in age.
(d) Act done outside the territorial limits of India.

90. The Penal Code in force in the territory of Jammu & Kashmir is known as the:
(a) Indian Penal Code                  
(b) Macaulay Penal Code
(c) Ranbir Penal Code                 
(d) Jammu & Kashmir Penal Code

91. Which of the following measure was proposed in December 2009 for speedy resolution of commercial disputes valuing 5 Crores or above, by an enactment of the Parliament of India?
(a) Setting up commercial Lok Adalats
(b) Creation of a commercial division in the High Courts
(c) Mandatory reference to arbitration, where commercial contract contains an arbitration clause
(d) All of the above.

92. A judgment relating to the Protection of Women against Domestic Violence Act, 2005, delivered on 22nd March 2010 by the High Court of Delhi has held that:
(a) The Act operates prospectively
(b) The Act operates retrospectively
(c) The relief under this Act may be sought even for acts committed prior to October 2006
(d) Both (b) and (c)

Which of the following is a well known law firm in India?
(a) AZB & Partners                      
(b) TATA Consultancy
(c) Leo Burnett India Pvt. Ltd.     
(d) Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.

94. Which of the following most closely describes the act of downloading Bollywood film songs for free, from websites over the internet?
(a) Attempt to hack a computer system
(b) Exercise of freedom of speech and expression
(c) Breach of implied contract
(d) Violation of intellectual property rights

95. Which of the following is not a feature of the criminal justice system in India?
(a) Innocent until proven guilty
(b) Right against self-incrimination
(c) Preponderance of probability
(d) Proof beyond reasonable doubt

96. Which High Court exercised jurisdiction over Delhi, prior to the establishment of the High Court of Delhi?
(a) High Court of Gujarat                       
(b) High Court of Punjab
(c) High Court of Allahabad       
(d) High Court of Himachal Pradesh

97. Which of the following bodies was instrumental in setting-up permanent and continuous Lok Adalat in Delhi, to resolve disputes pertaining to bodies such as the M.C.D., N.D.M.C., B.S.E.S., N.D.P.L., M.T.N.L. etc.?
(a) Delhi Legal Services Authority          
(b) Bar Council of India
(c) Bar Association of Delhi                   
(d) Indian Council of Arbitration

98. Under which provision of the Code of Criminal Procedure may a Court make a proclamation requiring a person to appear at a specified place, if the Court has a reason to believe that the person has absconded?
(a) Section 40                                          
(b) Section 42
(c) Section 73                                          
(d) Section 82

99. Any proceedings for removal of a judge of any High Court in India may be initiated only by:
(a) an order of the President of India
(b) a notice of motion for presenting an address to the President, praying for the removal of a Judge, signed by requisite number of members of the Parliament
(c) address by each house of the Parliament, supported by the requisite number of Members of Parliament
(d) constitution of a Committee for the purpose of making an investigation into the grounds on which the removal of the Judge is prayed for

100. In a recent case involving Toyota and Prius Auto Industries, Toyota was seeking an interim order to restrain Prius Auto Industries from using the word Prius, claiming its exclusive right to use it in view of its car named Prius. While denying this relief, a single Judge of the High Court of Delhi, by a judgment delivered on 19.03.2010, held that:
(a) Prius was not an invented word
(b) Toyota had approached the court too late
(c) Prius Auto Industries was the registered owner of the trademark ‘Prius’, since 2002
(d) All of the above

101. In India, “identity theft” has been made punishable under the:
(a) Identity Theft Assumption and Deterrence Act
(b) Information Technology Act
(c) Indian Penal Code
(d) Prize Chits and Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act

102. Which of the following enactments is proposed to ensure supply of at least a minimum quantity of food grains to families living Below Poverty Line in India
(a) Food Safety Enhancement Act           
(b) Food Safety Act
(c) Essential Services Maintenance Act  
(d) National Food Security Act

103. In a Civil Writ Petition, a ‘stay’ may refer to:
(a) A court order restraining an action until a future event occurs, or the order is lifted
(b) A court order directing an individual to  remain present during the court proceedings
(c) A court order to compel the presence of a witness at a specified place, if the Court has a reason to believe that the person has absconded
(d) Both (a) and (b)

104. Which of the following developments is associated with a March 2010 judgment of the High Court of Delhi, relating to the role of women in the Indian armed forces?
(a) Opportunities to women officers to operate in combat areas
(b) Eligibility of women officers for Permanent Commission
(c) Reservation for women in Indian armed forces
(d) Both (a) and (b)

105. In criminal proceedings, acquittal refers to:
(a) Being cleared of a charge or accusation
(b) Pronounced guilty of a charge or accusation
(c) Conviction for a lesser offence, as part of a plea bargain
(d) Taking a lenient view, considering the honest past record of an accused

106. The legal branch of the Indian Army is known as:
(a) Army Legal Corps                  
(b) Judge Advocate General branch
(c) Court Martial branch             
(d) Armed Forces Legal Corps

107. A clause in the World Anti-Doping Code, which was reportedly a cause of concern for Indian cricketers, is popularly referred to as:
(a) Endorsements Clause            
(b) Roundabout Clause
(c) Whereabouts Clause             
(d) No-notice Drugs Test Clause

108. To provide affordable access to justice to the citizens of India at the grass roots level, at their doorsteps, a body was established by an Act of the Parliament that came into force on 2nd October 2009. What this statutory body is called?
(a) Nyaya Panchayat                    
(b) Gram Nyayalaya
(c) Gram Panchayat                     
(d) Lok Adalat

109. The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Bill was enacted to give effect to:
(a) Article 14 of the Constitution of India
(b) Article 45 of the Constitution of India
(c) Article 21A of the Constitution of India
(d) Article 21 of the Constitution of India

110. What is the closest meaning of the expression, ‘ex aquo et bono’?
(a) In equity and good conscience
(b) For the public good
(c) The thing speaks for itself
(d) In good faith

111. Consider the following statement: “Reading is an activity involving the use of visual apparatus by means of which printed letters are recognized”. This definition would be weakened most by pointing out that:
(a) ‘Skimming’ is a form of reading.
(b) An illiterate may recognize letters.
(c) Some printed letters are difficult to interpret.
(d) Seeing is necessary for reading.

112. History abounds with examples where chieftains have refused to transfer their military units to other chieftains who requested such transfer. The refusals occurred even when the chieftain who received the request for assistance was in a relatively safe place and even when the requesting chieftain’s clan was under attack. Each of the reasons below, if true, supports the decision of the chieftain who refuses to share his forces, EXCEPT one. Mark the one.
(a) Greatest chieftains have emerged as victors in battles where they were outnumbered by the enemy.
(b) War and peace are unpredictable, and situations may change in a short time.
(c) The chieftain with a larger army retains greater influence in the region.
(d) Armies on the move are unnecessarily exposed to danger.

113. Which of the following is an anagram for the word “dormitory”?
(a) Hostel                               
(b) Dirty Room
(c) Dorm                                
(d) My Doo

114. You are a qualified lawyer and a husband approaches you, seeking your professional services for divorce proceedings. Ideally, what should you do?
(a) Explain the difficulties involved in the proceedings for divorce.
(b) Advice him to convince his wife for a mutual, uncontested divorce.
(c) Refuse to be engaged in the case, since it is against professional conduct of a lawyer set by the Bar Council of India.
(d) Advice him to approach for conciliation proceedings.

115. F.I.R. stands for First Information Report. As per the High Court of Delhi, if at the time of registration of F.I.R. by the police, it appears that crime was committed outside the jurisdiction of that Police Station, the Police after registration of such F.I.R. should transfer the F.I.R. to the Police Station having jurisdiction. Such F.I.R. made at the first instance has been termed as:
(a) Preliminary F.I.R.                   
(b) Zero F.I.R.
(c) Daily Diary (D.D.) Number  
(d) Investigatory F.I.R.

116. A student of the University of Delhi has to pass in ___ Papers with at least ____ in each paper for the award of LL.B. Degree:
(a) 30, 45                                     
(b) 25, 40
(c) 32, 48                                     
(d) 35, 50

117. Point out the correct sentence:
(a) Before joining as a Lecturer, I used to work as a Lab Assistant for about five years.
(b) Before joining as a Lecturer, I have working as a Lab Assistant for about five years.
(c) Before joining as a Lecturer, I worked as a Lab Assistant for about five years.
(d) Before joining as a Lecturer, I have been working as a Lab Assistant for about five years.

118. Read the following sentences carefully:
(1) Most days my father____ get up first and make breakfast.
(2) When I was training for the marathon, I ____run over 100 kms a week.
(3) We went to Agra to see the Taj where we ____regularly.

Which one of the following verbs can complete all three sentences?
(a) Will                            
(b) Would
(c) Shall                            
(d) used to

119. Fill in the blank with correct option: I ____ at 6.a.m. but ____to be up by 5.0
(a) normally get up……I have some times
(b) normally get up…..sometimes have
(c) get normally up ……sometimes I have
(d) get normally up……. sometimes have

120. ______ people trying to get into the football stadium:
(a) There were too much                       
(b) It was too many
(c) There was too many              
(d) There were too many

121. PRINCIPLE: Justice must not only be done, but also be seem to be done.
FACTS: A judge is a shareholder in a Company, which is a party to a case before him. The integrity of the judge is above suspicion. Both the opposing counsels affirm their faith in the impartiality of the judge. The case is at the stage of final arguments. The judge, however, recuses himself from the case, on the ground of his shareholding. Which of the following is the most appropriate statement in the light of the Principle cited here?
(a) The judge should have continued hearing the case since he was an honest judge.
(b) The judge should have continued hearing since the counsels of both the parties had requested him to do so and, had thus agreed to adjudication by him.
(c) Had the judge continued to hear the case, its outcome might have appeared to be prejudiced, even though it would not have been so.
(d) The judge could have lost objectivity in the case and therefore recused from it.

122. M was driving his fancy sports car at the speed of 120 kmph, after consuming alcohol. He lost control of the car and ran over 3 persons leading to their death. M escaped the accident with injuries. What offence, if any, has M committed under the Indian Penal Code?
(a) M is not guilty of any offence since he was incapable of judgment by reason of intoxication caused against his will.
(b) M is guilty of causing death by doing a rash or negligent act.
(c) M has committed the offence of culpable homicide since he caused death by doing an act with the intention of causing such bodily injury as is likely to cause death.
(d) M is guilty of committing murder since he did an act by which the death was caused and which was done with the intention of causing death.

123. PRINCIPLE: The word ‘offence’ denotes a thing made punishable by the Indian Penal Code. A prevents B from proceeding in any direction and keeps him/her confined to a place. A has committed an offence of criminal confinement. According to the Indian Penal Code, whoever instigates a person to do a thing, is said to abet such a thing.
FACTS: L, in an interview to a magazine, articulated her views in favour of living together without a nuptial knot. Aggrieved by the same, X filed a criminal complaint against L, for abetting criminal confinement. Can L be prosecuted and convicted for the same?
(a) Yes, because the comments of L could have encouraged people to live together without entering into a nuptial bond.
(b) Yes, because the comments of L in fact encouraged certain individuals to live together without entering into a nuptial bond.
(c) No, because two adult people wanting to live together is not an offence.
(d) No, because the comments of L were not directed towards any particular person, and anybody acting on them, did so at his/her own risk.

124. On 1st April, P and Q, friends of X, decided to pull a prank on her. They wore black masks to cover their faces and proceeded in an un-numbered car, towards the road that X took her regular morning walk. As X was taking her morning walk, they brought the car to a halt next to her and proceeded to forcefully get her in it. A bystander, Y, watching this opened fire on P and Q with his licensed gun and caused grievous injuries to them.
(a) Y is guilty of causing grievous hurt as he had no right to intermeddle in the private affairs of the friends and he was neither a public authority nor a police official.
(b) Y is not guilty of any offence because he had a right to protect the body of any other person, besides his own.
(c) Y is not guilty of any offence because he had a reasonable apprehension that X was being assaulted with an intention of abduction.
(d) Both (b) and (c)

125. PRINCIPLE I: According to Section 494 of the Indian Penal Code, whoever, having a husband or wife living, marries in any case in which such marriage is void by reason of its taking place during the life of such husband or wife, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to seven years, and shall also be liable to fine.
PRINCIPLE II: Hindu law, as contained in die Hindu Marriage Act, enforces monogamy. Polygamy is permitted under the Muslim law.
FACTS: Jitendar, a Hindu, was married to Meena, also a Hindu. litendar and Sunita, another Hindu girl, converted to Islam and got married.

QUESTION: Is Jitendar guilty of the offence under Section 494 of the Indian Penal Code?
(a) No, because Jitender converted to Islam which permits more than one wife.
(b) No, because Jitender and Sunita converted to Islam and married, with mutual consent.
(c) Yes, because Jitender had a wife living. He married again. The said marriage was void by reason of its taking place during the life of the first wife, in terms of Section 494, IPC.
(d) Both (a) and (b)

In which city is Khuda Baksh Oriental Public Library situated?
(a) Delhi                                      
(b) Kolkata
(c) Lucknow                                
(d) Patna

127. Kuchipudi is a dance form owing its origin to:
(a) Kerala                                    
(b) Andhra Pradesh
(c) Orissa                                     
(d) Tamil Nadu

128. When was the National Anthem of India first sung?
(a) 25th December 1909             
(b) 26th December 1910
(c) 27th December 1911             
(d) 28th December 1912.

129. The first woman President of India hails from which city of India?
(a) Jalna                                        
(b) Jalgaon
(c) Amravati                                
(d) Sangli

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130. The rank of Colonel in the Indian Army is equivalent to which rank in the Indian Navy?
(a) Captain                                   
(b) Commodore
(c) Commander                           
(d) Lieutenant

131. In which city are the headquarters of Zoological Survey of India situated?
(a) Delhi                                      
(b) Thiruvanatpuram
(c) Kolkata                                  
(d) Guhawati

132. Mount Harriat National Park is located in:
(a) Andaman Nicobar Islands      
(b) Madhya Pradesh
(c) Andhra Pradesh                     
(d) Arunachal Pradesh

133. Who is the present Prime Minister of Malaysia?
(a) Mohamed Nasheed               
(b) Ahmadinejad
(c) Najib Rajak                            
(d) Saad Hariri.

134. Which of the following is the National aquatic animal of India?
(a) Ganges crocodile                   
(b) River dolphin
(c) Blue whale                             
(d) Olive Ridley turtle

135. Which team won the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup in 2009 held in Kuala Lumpur?
(a) Pakistan                                  
(b) New Zealand
(c) India                                       
(d) Australia

136. Which of the following is the capital of Croatia?
(a) Zagreb                                    
(b) Nicosia
(c) Nuuk                                      
(d) Roseau

137. Point out the incorrect match:
(a) Mary Kom – Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award
(b) Sinimol Paulose – Arjuna Award
(c) P. Gopichand – Dronacharya Award
(d) Jaydev Bisht – Dhyan Chand Award

138. Mark the correct pair.
(a) Yamo wind – Uganda             
(b) Zonda wind – Japan
(c) Austru wind – Austria                       
(d) Laventer wind – Canada

139. Who wrote the Seva Sadan?
(a) Rabindra Nath Tagore                       
(b) Munshi Premchand
(c) Rama Krishna Paramhansa     
(d) Sister Nivedita

140. Match the correct pair:
(a) Syphilis – Treponema pallidum
(b) Chancroid – Orthomyxoviridae
(c) Influenza – Haemophilus ducreyi
(d) Polio – Legionella

141. Name the officer of Indian army who initiated an inquiry into the Sukna land case?
(a) Gen. V. K. Singh                    
(b) Gen. Deepak Kapoor
(c) Gen. Padmanabhan                
(d) Gen. B.C. Joshi

142. Who is the head of the National Advisory Council?
(a) Manmohan Singh                    
(b) Montek Singh
(c) Sonia Gandhi                          
(d) Pranab Mukherji

143. Which of the following country is not the member of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)?
(a) Argentina                                      
(b) Croatia
(c) Albania                                   
(d) Canada

144. Name the book for which Aravind Adiga won the booker prize in 2008?
(a) The Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
(b) Red Tide Rising
(c) The Remains of the Day
(d) The White Tiger

145. At a given time of the day, a 9 feet high pole casts a shadow of 15 feet. At the same time, an adjacent tree casts a shadow of 40 feet. How tall is the tree?
(a) 12 feet                                    
(b) 64 feet
(c) 24 feet                                    
(d) 20 feet

146. A’s initial salary was increased by 40%. However, during the period of recession, his salary was decreased by 20%. On the whole:
(a) A’s salary increased over his initial salary by 12%.
(b) A’s salary increased over his initial salary by 20%.
(c) A’s salary decreased over his initial salary by 12%.
(d) A’s salary returned to the same level as his initial salary

147. A man is 5 years elder to his wife and she is now three times the age of their daughter. If the daughter’s age is 10 years, what was the age of the man when the daughter was born?
(a) 30                                          
(b) 25
(c) 45                                           
(d) 40

Questions 148 to 150 are based on the following facts:

A law firm comprises of 6 cubicles, separated from each other by 6 feet high partitions; sound and smells therefore permeate to adjacent cubicles. You have been assigned the task of allotting the cubicles to six employees of the firm. Ramesh is the secretary and telephone operator and needs to use the telephone quite often during the course of the day. All the employees generally maintain silence. Manish and Brij need adjacent cubicles since they need to consult often. Hemant is the senior partner and needs to be allotted cubicle 5 which faces a window. Dinesh requires silence in cubicle next to his. Tarun, Manish and Dinesh are smokers. Hemant is allergic to cigarette smoke.

148. The three employees who are smokers should be allotted cubicles numbered:
(a) 1,2,6                           
(b) 4, 6, 1
(c) 1,2,3                           
(d) Cannot be accommodated in the same office.

149. Ideally, Manish should be allotted cubicle number:
(a) 1                                 
(b) 6
(c) 4                                 
(d) 3

150. All other things remaining same, which of the following events may lead to a request for change of cubicle?
(a) Hemant operating a portable radio-set in his cubicle.
(b) Ramesh needing silence in cubicles adjacent to his.
(c) Tarun taking over the duties of Ramesh.
(d) None of the above.

151. How is 6/8 expressed as a percentage?
(a) 0.75%                                
(b) 75%
(c) 7.5%                                  
(d) 48%

152. A man is facing west. He turns 45 degrees in clockwise direction and then another 180 degrees in the same direction and then 270 degrees in the anticlockwise direction. What direction is he facing now?
(a) South                          
(b) South East
(c) West                          
(d) South West

153. What is the missing number in the series,7,15, 32, ___, 138, 281?
(a) 64                               
(b) 67
(c) 35                               
(d) 45

154. It takes a moving train 30 seconds to cross a stationary engine. To compute the speed of the train, which of the following should be known?
(a) The length of the stationary engine.
(b) The length of the moving train.
(c) The length of the moving engine.
(d) Both the length of the stationary engine as well as the length of the moving train.

155. A pole has been affixed in a riverbed. One- half of the pole is buried in the riverbed. One-third of it is covered by water. 8 feet of it projects out of the water. What is the total length of the pole in feet?
(a) 48                                           
(b) 13
(c) 18                                           
(d) 12

156. Which word would complete the following sequence: DIRECT, ROLE, OCCIDENTAL, DARE,___?
(a) DRAGON                             
(c) ARMY                                    

157. Since October 2009, which is the highest Court of appeal for England and Wales?
(a) The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom.
(b) The House of Lords.
(c) The High Court of Justiciary
(d) The Privy Council.

158. Which odorant is commonly added to household Liquefied Petroleum Gas, to easily detect its leakage?
(a) Methane                                        
(b) Propane
(c) Benzinol                                        
(d) Mercaptan

159. Which football club did Lionel Messi play for in the 2009-10 UEFA Champions League?
(a) Barcelona                                           
(b) Lyon
(c) Arsenal                                               
(d) Manchester United

160. Which Indian Company acquired the Megasari Makmur Group of Indonesia in 2010?
(a) Reliance Industries Ltd.
(b) Godrej Consumer Products Ltd.
(c) TATA Motors Ltd.
(d) Mittal Steel Company N.V.

161. Which of the following spots reportedly witnesses the largest sale of ice-cream in India?
(a) Juhu Beach, Mumbai                          
(b) Gateway of India, Mumbai
(c) Marina Beach, Chennai                      
(d) India Gate, Delhi

162. A joint team of scientists from Russia and U.S. was recently reported to have created the element to fill the gap in the periodic table of chemical elements. The element was called:
(a) Element 117                                       
(b) Element 118
(c) Ununoctium                                       
(d) Eka-radon

PASSAGE: I entered the room where the corpse lay, and was led up to the coffin. How can I describe my sensations on beholding it? I feel yet parched with horror, nor can I reflect on that terrible moment without shuddering and agony, that faintly reminds me of the anguish of the recognition. The trial, the presence of the magistrate and witnesses, passed like a dream from my memory, when I saw the lifeless form of Henry Clerval stretched before me. I gasped for breath; and, throwing myself on the body, I exclaimed, “Have my murderous machinations deprived you also, my dearest Henry of life? Two I have already destroyed; other victims await their destiny: but you, Clerval, my friend, my benefactor The human frame could no longer support the agonizing suffering that I endured, and 1 was carried out of the room in strong convulsions. A fever succeeded to this. I lay for two months on the point of death; my ravings, as 1 afterwards heard, were frightful; I called myself the murderer of William, of Justine, and of Clerval. Sometimes 1 entreated my attendants to assist me in the destruction of the fiend by whom I was tormented; and, at others, I felt the fingers of the monster already grasping my neck, and screamed aloud with agony and terror. Fortunately, as I spoke my native language, Mr. Kirwin alone understood me; but my gestures and bitter cries were sufficient to affright the other witnesses. Why did I not die? More miserable than man ever was before, why did I not sink into forgetfulness and rest? Death snatches away many blooming children, the only hopes of their doting parents; how many brides and youthful lovers have been one day in the bloom of health and hope, and the next a prey for worms and the decay of the tomb! Of what materials was I made, that 1 could thus resist so many shocks, which, like the turning of the wheel, continually renewed the torture?


163. Describe the emotions of the narrator as can be sensed from the above passage:
(a) Humiliation and pain                         
(b) Grief and loss
(c) Guilt and despair                               
(d) Both (b) and (c)

164. What does the use of phrases such as ‘parched with horror’, ‘shuddering an agony’, ‘I gasped for breath’ suggest to the reader:
(a) The mental torture that the narrator is undergoing.
(b) The violent body language of the narrator.
(c) The mental torments of the narrator expressed by a violent body language.
(d) The hallucinations in the mind of the narrator, arising out of his grief.

165. The narrator’s ravings could have been taken as an admission of guilt of being responsible for the death Henry Clerval, but for the fact that:
(a) He was speaking in his native language.
(b) He was suffering immensely.
(c) He was physically ill.
(d) He was mentally unsound.

166. The word ‘machination’ means:
(a) Inventing a new machine.
(b) A crafty scheme.
(c) Foul intention.
(d) Understanding the working of something or someone.

167. The narrator appears to make several references to his own suffering, but ignores the suffering undergone by those he claimed to have murdered, or others bereaved by the deaths. Considering this, the style of the passage may best be described as:
(a) Ironical                                               
(b) Comical
(c) Satirical                                              
(d) Self Centered


(I) I savor the remoteness and the rare times I’m alone on this muscular river in southern Utah, a precious ribbon of wild water between reservoirs and the suck holes of industry and agriculture.

(II)        Officially, I’m here to have my peace disturbed. Floaters must have a permit to run this stretch of river. During the peak season a ranger checks lotterydrawn launch dates and a short list of gear related to safety and environmental protection. The permit system allows the federal agency in charge to hold numbers of floaters to a maximum of about 10,000 a year, set in 1979, when use increased 250 percent in just three seasons. Each year since, the actual number of people down the river has hovered close to this ceiling, which the agency believes is the river’s capacity for a “quality wilderness experience.” Socially, if not physically, however, “wilderness experience” seems to have become an illusion if not irrelevant. Right now I’m the voluntary ranger managing both the illusion and the irrelevance.

(III)       Most people accept the permit system as a panacea for the explosion in numbers of river runners and the consequences for a fragile riparian corridor. Others find regulation about as painless as an IRS audit.

(IV)      They see the Southwest as a region of federally neutered rivers where a person is no longer free to kill himself in a four-foot rubber ducky pulling an inner tube piled with beans, testosterone, and a small machete….

(V)       The boat ramp is swarming with people and vehicles to be shuttled to the takeout. Someone’s dog is throwing up what appears to be rabbit parts. I’m approached by a pickup driven by a man waving a spray nozzle and hose hooked to a large barrel of allegedly lethal chemicals. He’s from county weed control, he says. Have I seen the loathsome pepperweed? Not a leaf, I lie.

(VI)      Cheerfully I sign the permit of the outfitter who specializes in theme river trips – stress management seminars, outings for the crystal fondlers or fingernail technicians of East Jesus, New Jersey, overcoming, at last, their irrational fear of Nature. Today’s load is priests troubled by a lapsed faith – pale, anxious, overweight fellows in the early stages of heatstroke. 1 also check gear and answer questions about bugs, snakes, scorpions, camps, rapids and Indians (one side of the river is reservation land). Do I live here fulltime? they ask. No, I respond, except for an occasional shift at the put-in, I’m on the river eight days out of sixteen, six months a year.

(VII)     …… Some rafts look as if they barely survived World War II.

(VIII)    Others are outfitted with turbo-dynamic chrome-plated throw lines, heatwelded vinyl dry-bags, cargo nets spun from the fibers of dew-fed arachnids from Borneo, horseshoes, volleyball sets, sauna tents, coffin-sized coolers stuffed with sushi, a small fleet of squirt boats, whining packs of androgynous progeny who prefer to be at home fulfilling their needs electronically. All of this gear is color-coordinated With SPF 14 sunscreen and owned by business majors in Styrofoam pith helmets and Lycra body gloves, in which they were placed at birth. Once loaded, their boats are pieces of personal architecture, stunning but nevertheless stuck on the sandbar six feet out from the boat ramp after a dramatic send- off.


168. The author of the aforesaid passage may be best described as:
(a) Narrator of the events of the past.
(b) An ecologist concerned at the exploitation of the river.
(c) A ranger making an official report of the events.
(d) A commentator on contemporary American customs.

169. Which of the following is NOT employed in the Paragraph III of the above passage (“Most people accept permit … IRS audit”)?
(a) Pun                                                     
(b) Simile
(c) Metaphor                                           
(d) Hyperbole

170. Paragraphs V and VI describe the characteristics of the rafters. Which of the following characteristics is NOT described in those paragraphs?
(a) Physical appearance                           
(b) Response to nature
(c) Occupations                                       
(d) Conversation

171. The description, “androgynous progeny who prefer to be at home fulfilling their needs electronically” refers to:
(a) Pets not accustomed to outdoor life.
(b) Rafters’ preference to rafts with modern electronic gadgetry.
(c) Rafters with battered rafts envying the ones with modern equipment.
(d) Children who would rather be playing video games.

172. The effect of the last sentence of the passage may be described as:
(a) Comic anti-climax                              
(b) Allegory
(c) Symbolic conclusion                          
(d) Relief

173. Paragraph VI makes a reference to:
(a) Native Americans                              
(b) “Non-Resident Indians”
(c) Immigrants                                         
(d) Mexicans

174. The narrator uses all the following tones of voice except:
(a) Amused                                              
(b) Satirical
(c) Cheerful                                             
(d) Arrogant

175. Which of the following best describes the primary purpose of the passage?
(a) To describe everyday life around American ‘adventure camps’?
(b) To protest against exploitation of natural resources.
(c) To satirize aspects of the ‘back to the nature’ movement.
(d) To judge the vanity in people.

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